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  • What’s The Word?
    I don’t know about you but 2021 has FLOWN by for me! 2020 was the year that would never end but 2021 is the year that zoomed past while everyone was distracted & arguing about a needle & gas prices. With the end of the year approaching, it is time to start thinking about next year! I know, I know, we’ve got enough to think about with the craziness of the holidays BUT if we don’t start thinking and planning now, we will blink and be on Spring Break without a 2022 plan! Most years, my word (or phrase) of […]
  • Mind Your Own Motherhood
    Have you ever been walking through Target and saw some kid having a total meltdown over a toy only to be absolutely FLOORED when the mom puts the toy in the cart & the kiddo stops crying? Have you ever been eating somewhere and been totally SHOCKED when you saw a mom fill her kid’s bottle up with sweet tea? Have you ever been scrolling through social media and been BAFFLED when you come across a picture of your friend’s child wearing an absolutely inappropriate outfit? Have you ever been APPALLED when you saw a kid at the park running […]
  • No Spend September 2021
    I think I say this every year but CAN YOU BELIEVE WE ARE ALREADY IN SEPTEMBER? Like hello fall, football season, flannel shirts, pumpkin everything, & cooler temps! Along with alllllll the fall fun comes our annual tradition: NO SPEND SEPTEMBER! Its an annual tradition and each year I swear I am going to be 100% committed and for the most part I do ok….except for that one year that I bought a car in the middle of NSS….This year’s challenge is that I will be moving into a new house during the month of September and the desire to […]
  • Why?
    This is an emotional post written off the cuff. The whys are asking in no particular order. These are purely rhetorical and need no answer. These whys run through my head daily, on repeat. Next time you want to judge, gossip, or offer up “advice” please think twice. Your one moment of ignorance could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Why Q? Why my baby? Why are innocent children having to deal with such hard & grown up things? Why the f*ck is it called “special” needs? Why was I picked to be a special needs mom? Why […]
  • Beauty Must Haves
    We’re officially in 2021…not like “Happy New Year” but more like we’re settled in with 2021…the holidays are over…football champions have been declared…we’ve changed presidents….we’re getting better at remembering the correct year when we write a check….you know, we’re like officially WITH 2021. While we’re really only 6-ish weeks in, we’ve already had plenty of time to start…hit a snag…give up…restart…and hit another snag in our pursuit of our word/phrase of the year. We’re only on Month 2 and already I’ve broken my “Less is More”…however, by the time my purchase arrived, I was back on the bandwagon & quickly […]
  • My Trashy Mess
    This is a [true] story about research, failures, wins, & loses that happened over the course of 3 months. When this journey began, I REALLY underestimated the level of frustration & amount of time that would soon be involved. This is a story about how finding the perfect…wait for it….garbage can. GARBAGE CAN. Let that sink in. It took me FOUR…count them 1…2…3…4….months to find the perfect garbage can for my kitchen. Now, before I go into this story I want to throw a few things out there. 1) I would not consider my super high maintenance in regards to […]