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  • [EASY] Teacher Gifts
    The pressure to be a “Pinterest Mom” is so real. Everything is cutesy these days. From back to school signs to birthday parties, everything is over-the-top cute. Gone are the days of basic, thanks to Pinterest. These “easy” step-by-step photos make it look simple yet whenever I attempt a Pinterest project, it ends up in more of the “Pinterst fail” category. Nonetheless, I still give in to the pressure and attempt to send some Pinterest worthy teacher gifts at the end of the school year. This year I was determined to keep it simple yet cute. I feel like I […]
  • A Rant & Advice
    This post contains a random rant & some random advice that I think all Hot Mess Mommas need to hear. Since QMonster has been in school, I’ve always taken the Friday before any extended school break off work & just hung out with myself. It’s like a “pre-chaos mental health day” to get myself ready for the extended amounts of time my child and I will be spending together. Its a chance to get some errands done, stock the pantry, & enjoy silence before the “MOMMMMMMM” starts. I do this for Spring Break, Fall Break, Christmas Break, & Summer Break. […]
  • Celebrating Cavities
    Y’all the SPED world is hard. There are more downs than ups, more hard days than good, and more headaches than smiles. SPED life ain’t easy. Mainly because things that are so normal & easy for most, are an absolute uphill battle for us. When a SPED kiddo has a win, no matter how big or small, it’s celebrated. That win is talked about and bragged on for the rest of the day, hell maybe even the rest of the week. That win will have a SPED mom on cloud 9 & feeling so damn proud. Today, I am here […]
  • Let’s Have A Come To Jesus Meeting
    As we start to wind down February, the month of Love, I felt like it was a good time to talk about self-love. Recently, I’ve been having some “come to Jesus” talks with myself. I’ve found myself slipping into that familiar rut of depression/anxiety/stress and have been trying really hard to avoid falling all the way in. I decided to compile my “come to Jesus” meeting notes into a list for you, just in case you find yourself slipping & need to have some 1 on 1 meetings with yourself too! Leah’s Come to Jesus Meeting Notes The weekends are […]
  • From Men’s to On Trend
    Several weeks ago I was scrolling through Tik Tok and came across a video of a lady who mentioned she bought her jeans in the Wal-Mart men’s department and cut them off. She said they were her new favorite jeans. In hindsight, I probably should have saved the video or atleast wrote her name down so I could give credit where credit is due but I didn’t really think much about the video at the time. Last week I was killing time in Wal-Mart & remembered the video. I rolled over to the men’s department & grabbed the first pair […]
  • Moving The Chaos
    If you’ve been in the Hot Mess Momma Club FB Group lately, you know that we recently up & moved. We had no real intentions of moving, in 2021, but the opportunity presented itself and we decided to take it. We actually moved in early Fall but despite this “hot” housing market, didn’t end up selling (and actually closing) our house until the last day of December! I’ve had this blog post on my list of “to-write” since mid-September BUT with our house not being sold, I didn’t want to jinx it….though looking back, it was jinxed anyways but that […]