Hey Momma!

I know you  are wearing an old pair of leggings, a snot covered shirt, and yesterday’s makeup. I know you haven’t showered in 2 days and are very thankful for dry shampoo. I know you struggled with your screaming toddler in the middle of the aisle 9 because the store was out of Hello Kitty fruit snacks. I know your favorite place to be is the dollar spot at Target. I know your mini van is covered in goldfish crumbs and empty juice boxes. I know your floors are sticky and your laundry is an endless mound piled up on the floor.  I know you forgot today was picture day and sent kiddo #1 to school in an stained t-shirt. I know you used an iPad and a episode of Bubble Guppies to occupy kiddo #2 so you could have 15 minutes of quiet time. I know you are scrambling trying to get everyone out of the house and into the car so you’ll only be 5 minutes late to soccer practice. I know you wanted to send Pinterest inspired snacks to the game last week but a box of Little Debbies was the best you could do. I know you want to cook a healthy meal for your family tonight but McDonalds is much easier. I know you are over there fat shaming yourself while you eat your kid’s leftover chicken nuggets. I know you are looking at the clock wondering if it is an acceptable time to open a bottle of wine. I know you also did the math to see how many more hours until bedtime there are. Momma, I know you are tired but I also know you are so loved. Most of all, I know that you are not alone! Welcome to the Hot Mess Momma Club- A blog for moms written by a real life Hot Mess Momma. Grab a glass of wine, relax, and laugh while realizing you are not alone in this crazy [Mother] hood!