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Hey Momma! From adoption to special needs, my motherhood journey has been nothing short of an adventure. Through this blog, I’m learning to embrace the mayhem and love the momentous. My type A personality mixed with my Hot Mess life makes for quite the sh*t show. Thanks to therapy & margaritas, I am learning to laugh, rather than cry, my way through the meltdowns.

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Welcome to the Hot Mess Momma Club!

The HMMC is more than just another mommy blog taking up internet space. We’re building a community of mommas that find solidarity in the messiness of their lives. We’re a judgement free zone & we’d love to have your mess here too! To learn more about the club, check out the Insider Info page. Looking to make new mom friends? We have a HMMC FB Group! Not only can you find lots of laughs here, we’re also on the air! Listen to our Chit Chat podcast Ready to join the club? Become an official member by filling out the Membership Registration form!

What does a cactus have in common with a Hot Mess Momma? 

You’ll notice a lot of cacti throughout the club. There is a reason. A Hot Mess Momma, with her hair all a mess, can be found standing her living room with dust bunnies floating by and dirt on the floor. A cactus, with spines pointing in every direction, can be found standing in a sandy desert with tumbleweeds rolling by. Think of the cactus’s spines as your hair, the sandy desert as your dirt covered hardwoods, and the tumbleweeds as your dust bunnies. You see, momma? You have a lot in common with a cactus, after all!

Stick With Kindness!

Bullying is becoming an increasingly large problem, and it is starting at a younger and younger age. As a mom, we can teach our children the importance of kindness & embracing everyone for their unique gifts to the world. Stick With Kindness is more than the club logo, it is the foundation on which the club was built. That is why every post & podcast ends with “Stick With Kindness”