CactI + CactU = CactUS

What does a cactus have in common with a mom? 

A Hot Mess Momma, with her hair all a mess, can be found standing her living room with dust bunnies floating by and dirt on the floor. A cactus, with spines pointing in every direction, can be found standing in a sandy desert with tumbleweeds rolling by. Think of the cactus’s spines as your hair, the sandy desert as your dirt covered hardwoods, and the tumbleweeds as your dust bunnies. You see, momma? You have a lot in common with a cactus, after all!

From adoption to special needs, my motherhood journey has been nothing short of an adventure. Through this blog, I’m learning to love the mayhem and embrace the momentous. I strive to be raw and real while providing you with lots of laughs.

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Welcome to the Hot Mess Momma Club- A blog for moms written by a real life Hot Mess cactus Momma.