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Starting 2021, a few Saturdays each month will be dedicated to a Saturday Spotlight. I plan to spotlight products & services that I have used and LOVE and think will enhance your life too. By purchasing these products or services from the links below, you are helping the blog grow monetarily. Please know that I am only spotlighting products or services that I absolutely 100% think are amazing. Occasionally, our affiliates will offer us Hot Mess Mommas some great deals so if there is a coupon code listed, be sure to take advantage of it! -LA

1/10/2021iRobot Braava Jet 240

I had this robot mop on my wish list for a long time before finally getting it for Christmas. I didn’t really have high hopes for it, hence why I never purchased it for myself. Ringing in at less than $200 how good can this robot mop really be? Well, I was WRONG. This darn thing is AWESOME. It can sweep or mop. The mopping pads have the cleaner already in them so no need to purchase additional chemicals. The mop works on hardwoods, tile, or laminate. It MOPS! You guys….I hate mopping and now I have a robot to my dirty work. For less than $200, this is worth taking the time consuming task of mopping off your to-do list.

1/23/2021Wooden Pull Out Trash Cabinet

You know you are an adult when you have a *dream* trash can. Listen, I know, it sounds ridiculous but it is true. This is my DREAM trash can. I avoided buying it for a long time because of the price tag. At $300 it isn’t really wallet friendly BUT after trial and error with 3 other garbage cans, I bit the bullet, spent the money and am SO glad I did. I love this trash cabinet so much that I wrote an entire blog post about it. Go take a read if you need more convincing to invest in this trash cabinet! Trash Cabinet Blog Post

2/13/20 — Beauty Must Haves

I am not a beauty blogger BY ANY MEANS but I have a few beauty products that I think all Hot Mess Mommas will love. Dermaplaning tools, Water flossers, Pore Vacs, & lip scrubbers are all on my must-haves list. Read this post to see why YOU need these products in your life!