Beauty Must Haves

We’re officially in 2021…not like “Happy New Year” but more like we’re settled in with 2021…the holidays are over…football champions have been declared…we’ve changed presidents….we’re getting better at remembering the correct year when we write a check….you know, we’re like officially WITH 2021.

While we’re really only 6-ish weeks in, we’ve already had plenty of time to start…hit a snag…give up…restart…and hit another snag in our pursuit of our word/phrase of the year. We’re only on Month 2 and already I’ve broken my “Less is More”…however, by the time my purchase arrived, I was back on the bandwagon & quickly returned my weak moment purchase. All that to say, it is totally fine (& normal) if you’ve struggled to live up to your word/phrase. A lot of you chose a word/phrase that was centered around Self Love. Though I’ve heard several variations within the group, I think the general idea is the same…making sure to give yourself some fuel so you can continue driving the struggle bus to Crazy Town. I know that time is the biggest factor here. Between online learning, work, weekend commitments, and general life, alone time is hard to come by and while 2 hours at the local pedicure spot would be perfect, it just isn’t fitting in the schedule! I wanted to share a few ways that I give myself a spa like experience, from my own home, with only a few minutes of spare time.

Before I go into my bathroom oasis must haves, I want to mention that I do not use the products on a daily basis nor do I have any sort of set schedule…just when I find myself alone in the bathroom for 5 minutes, I whip one of these things out and come out feeling like I did SOMETHING to help myself look like less than a total hot mess. These items are ranked in no particular order…I love them all equally and would really struggle to pick my top 1 must have.

  1. Pore Vacuum– Its a literal vacuum for your face! I know, I know, who goes for a spa-like experience and vacuums?!? But seriously, this little gadget leaves my skin feeling so good! It is pretty satisfying to see a stubborn blackhead get sucked up and away too. If you’re one of those “pimple popping” video watchers, you’ll love this thing. You can literally see it sucking the dirt and ick right out of your pores. Make sure to read the instructions and keep the thing moving over your face otherwise you will give your face a hickey…it is sucking after all. I use mine about once a week and can really see a difference in the way my makeup looks the following day. This will leave your face a little red so be sure to use this one in the evenings before bed time! $22.98 on Amazon (has coupon at time of posting!)
  2. Dermaplane Razor-I came across dermaplaning by accident on YouTube one day. I never thought much about the “peach fuzz” on my face prior to seeing some random video. The video convinced me that my skin care products would work better if I eliminated the barrier of peach fuzz on my face. I decided to give it a go and bought these Shick razors. I’ll be honest, there are a lot of dermaplaning razors on amazon and I reallllly wanted to go cheap and get the 12 pack for $5 but I decided since this was my first time and my face I’d go with the name brand here. Ok, after day 1 I was hooked! Basically dermaplaning is shaving your face to rid it of peach fuzz and dead/dry skin. The video said to repeat every 2-4 weeks. At first, I was repeating once a month but more and more I got addicted to the smooth feel of my face and the way I could feel my skin care products working after a fresh dermaplaning session. Since my addiction grew, I decided to try some cheaper options and after trying both a battery powered dermaplaning razor and the bulk cheaper manual razors, I am back to Shick. They just work so much better and really they are not terribly priced at less than $5 for 3 of them. Dermaplaning has recently grew in popularity and is now being offered in spas for $25+. Wash your face really good, rub some facial oil or moisturizer on your face and shave inwards. Go slow and use gentle force, after all it is a razor and this is your face. Works great on upper lips, sideburns, and stubborn eyebrows.

3. Water Flosser– I hate going to the dentist but I will admit there isn’t a feeling much better than the feel of freshly cleaned teeth. That little scrubby toothbrush they use really hits different. After using this water flosser one time, I was so excited. I can get that fresh from the dentist clean feeling every day! I really thought this was a pointless, space hogging, frivilous hygeine product but after using it, I am here to say its worth the hype. I use my water flosser atleast once a week and anytime I eat steak or popcorn and have those annoying leftovers stuck in my teeth. This handy little gadget handles those with ease and takes less time than digging it out with the corner of whatever piece of paper is lying around. Water flossers seem to come in a variety of sizes and prices. I started with a fairly cheap one and have found that it gets the job done pretty well and I can’t imagine that a fancy $100 one could do that much of a better job. Seriously, there is just something about rubbing your tongue across your really clean teeth that just does something for your mood. Grab one of these! (There is a $15 coupon on Amazon at time of posting, taking this down to $20! Hurry!)

4. Lip Scrub Brush – I got one of these for Christmas and didn’t really give it much credit. I underestimated this gadget. It is so basic looking. A plastic stick with a small silicone bristle head….what could this really do? Turns out, it actually makes a huge difference. I use this thing at least every other night, if not more. After I put on my night cream, I rub the extra on my lips and run this little scrubber over my lips for a few minutes. Not only do I get the (gross) satisfaction of seeing the fruit of my labor, I also can feel how smooth my lips are. The following morning my lipstick looks great instead of caked and cracking which tends to happen this time of year. Make sure you scrub gently & for just a few minutes….your lips are sensitive and you won’t know you overdone it until its too late. These things are cheap! A four pack is $5. Throw one in your makeup bag, one on your vanity, one in your travel bag, and keep a backup because we both know you’ll lose one.

Ok those are my top 4 beauty must haves for a momma who wants to feel like a million bucks but doesn’t actually have a million bucks nor does she have the time to actually spend the million if she did have it. Cheap, practical, and perfect for a busy momma who needs to give herself a little self love! These items are also great gift ideas for your best momma friend who could use a pick me up. They’re items that are useful for every momma whether they’re always dressed up or always wearing the standard issues mom uniform (black leggings, oversized tee, and messy bun-you didn’t need me to tell you that did you?!?)

What is your must have beauty tool/gadget? Comment and let me know. I am always looking for an easy way to stay at the top of my Hot Mess game!

2 thoughts on “Beauty Must Haves

  1. Got my water flosser free from my dentist ( which by the way) I’ve put at least two of his kids through an Ivy League college. I really love it. Have a lot of permanent man made teeth at this point in my life and to floss with the string I needed a road map. Anyway I love it and use q day.
    I also use my dermaplaner, but probably not as often as I should. Just looking in the mirror now “it’s a jungle out there…go figure. Thanks for the updates. Probably need the lip thing also.. Nana

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