Let’s Have A Come To Jesus Meeting

As we start to wind down February, the month of Love, I felt like it was a good time to talk about self-love. Recently, I’ve been having some “come to Jesus” talks with myself. I’ve found myself slipping into that familiar rut of depression/anxiety/stress and have been trying really hard to avoid falling all the way in. I decided to compile my “come to Jesus” meeting notes into a list for you, just in case you find yourself slipping & need to have some 1 on 1 meetings with yourself too!

Leah’s Come to Jesus Meeting Notes

  1. The weekends are for fun & relaxing, not chores & more stress. RELAX. Sleep in. Go out to eat. Binge watch shows. Whatever you do, avoid stress on Saturdays & Sundays. Prioritize play over work on the weekends!
  2. You work too hard to wear underwear you hate. You know the pairs I am talking about. Just throw them away & buy new. Buy undies that you actually want to wear. Bras too. Get bras that FIT and enhance the ladies, rather than shoving them in an old bra that doesn’t really fit.
  3. Stop rewarding yourself like you’re a toddler being potty trained. I kept telling myself I would get my lips done when I lost a certain amount of weight. One day, randomly, it hit me. I am not a toddler trying to get star stickers on my potty chart. I am a damn adult who works hard & if I want my lips done, then I should get them done because I want to not because I earned it by losing weight.
  4. You don’t have to keep in contact with people you don’t like. I don’t care how long you’ve been “friends” with someone. If they’re no longer good for your life, then move them to the back burner. If they don’t text back, if they don’t invite you out, if they don’t bring you anything but drama, just take a break. Maybe the break will be temporary, maybe long-term, regardless, surround yourself with the best people you can find & leave the others alone.
  5. Just say no. If you don’t feel like doing something, say no. You don’t have to explain yourself. “No.” is a complete sentence. Don’t take on extra projects, tasks, events, etc. because you FEEL obligated. You’re not. Your time is YOURS. You choose what to do with it. Recently a friend asked me about going to a concert. The idea didn’t initially excite me, like at all, because its music that isn’t my absolute favorite. I said no. I felt guilty, at first, for saying no but ultimately decided I had no obligation to spend my time or money on something that I didn’t LOVE.
  6. Use your vacation time/PTO. You’ve earned it. Don’t feel guilty taking it! Take it. Take a random Tuesday off to go walk around Target. Take a random long weekend to organize your pantry. Take some days & binge watch a Netflix series. Do whatever you want on your days off, just take the days off!
  7. If the name brand version makes you happier, just buy it & find somewhere else to cut corners. For example, I LOVE Living Proof dry shampoo. For my hair, it is the BEST & out performs the other brands by a land slide. Is it pricey? Yep. I choose to cut a corner elsewhere so I can justify my expensive dry shampoo. If a name brand purse makes you happy, buy the damn purse & find somewhere else in the budget to make it up.
  8. Go Marie Kondo the heck out of your closet. Try everything on. If you put an article of clothing on & don’t love the way the jeans make your ass look or the top accents your ladies, then donate it & buy something you LOVE wearing. Also, throw out those “when I lose weight” clothes, they are doing nothing except putting pressure on you & cluttering your closet. You’ll find new clothes when you lose weight.
  9. Forget trying to be trendy. Style is in the eye of the beholder, not in the eye of the IG “models”. Wear what you love & trends be damned. Just because Target is selling those Little House on the Prairie dresses doesn’t mean you have to wear them, unless that trend is one you love.
  10. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to lose weight. Life is short. Food is a comfort for some. Food is a social aspect for others. Food is fun for some. Fuel your body, drink your water, eat mindfully, walk when you can, & eat the damn dessert if you want it.

These are the hard truths I’ve come to terms with here recently. I am not perfect, by any means, and I can sit here and type out this “advice” a lot easier than I can actually follow it. BUT I am trying. I got my lips done. I loved them & the way they made me feel so I went & got my lashes lifted too…not because I lost weight, but because I wanted to feel good about myself. I spent over 2 hours today cleaning out my closet & tossing things despite what brand they were, if the tags were still on it, or if I *might* wear it one day. Today, I put on shorts. Are my legs “shorts ready”? Depends on who you ask. They’re legs & it is warm out so I think so though an insta-model would probably argue they are too pale & dimpled more than the moon but whatever, I was comfortable in them. And, as soon as I hit “publish” on this post, I am going to walk my ass into the kitchen, fix myself some dessert, & go spend the next hour working on a crossword puzzle book because it is Sunday and I only have a few more hours left before the work week begins & the stress comes flooding back.

Do you have “come to Jesus” meetings with yourself? If so, what was the topic of your most recent meeting?

2 thoughts on “Let’s Have A Come To Jesus Meeting

  1. I continue to be super amazed by you. Not that I don’t know you’re already amazing but how well you use this blog to make a point to others that we’re not alone in our journey. It’s not always pretty or easy but it’s our lives and we’re not afraid to show others. Thank you God for giving me a great son who has awesome daughters. I’m so proud of all of you.

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