A Rant & Advice

This post contains a random rant & some random advice that I think all Hot Mess Mommas need to hear.

Since QMonster has been in school, I’ve always taken the Friday before any extended school break off work & just hung out with myself. It’s like a “pre-chaos mental health day” to get myself ready for the extended amounts of time my child and I will be spending together. Its a chance to get some errands done, stock the pantry, & enjoy silence before the “MOMMMMMMM” starts. I do this for Spring Break, Fall Break, Christmas Break, & Summer Break. Really, it is important to me & if you don’t do something like this, you should. You deserve it. Pre-reward yourself.

Anyways, yesterday was my “pre-spring break mental health day” and I had some errands to run: a quick dr appt, vet appointment, wander through Target, and some grocery shopping to tackle. It is important to note that my child eats a random (small) assortment of food & tends to consume said assortment in mass quantities. Because of this, I have to shop smart, which means sometimes I have to venture into the dreaded Wal-Mart…mainly because they are the only place that carry Q’s preferred Top Ramen in the microwaveable bowls.

I headed into Wal-Mart with my list. While in Wal-Mart, I was browsing the outdoor furniture section (because hello! new house, I might need new outdoor furniture) and decided that I would be spending a lot of time outside with QMonster this upcoming week so I would get myself one of those comfortable “zero gravity chairs”. After I put said chair in my cart, I thought about it and decided that QMonster was going to take 1 seat in my chair and refuse to give it up so I better get us both a chair, so I added another chair to my cart. I grabbed my groceries and some things my dad needed for his work. In total, I had about $300 worth of sh*t in my cart (but only about $100 worth on the list…funny how that happens).

Of course, the only checkout open was the lovely Self-Checkout. Typically, I don’t mind the SC. Esp if I only have a few items but when I have a cart full of sh*t and need to do 2 transactions, I really need a lane. I need to put things on the long belt, sort them out, etc. but whatever. So I roll over to the SC and begin tackling my transactions. Really the SC went flawless. No issues other than they don’t sell stamps at the SC and you have to go to customer service. So, after ringing up my 2 transactions, I rolled to customer service and got the stamps I needed. Now, at this point I am heading to the door. I have 2 chairs, 6 bags of groceries, a bottom with 2 cases of water & 4 12 packs of soda. I also now have 3 receipts tucked deep in my wallet. Everyone is walking out and I am following suit, when a yellow vested door greeter/security lady asks me for my receipt.

Cue my annoyance. Here is the thing, my receipts are deep in my sack of shit. I’ve got this heavy a$$ buggy I’m trying to maneuver and you want to stop me because I have chairs that are not in bags thus meaning I need to prove I paid for them. (Here comes my rant….) IF YOU DO NOT TRUST ME TO RING UP MY SHIT AND PAY FOR ALL OF IT THEN OPEN A DAMN LANE AND CHECK ME OUT YOURSELF. EITHER YOU TRUST ME OR YOU DON’T. HONESTLY, HOW DUMB DO YOU THIN I AM? IF I WAS GOING TO STEAL WOULD I HONESTLY STEAL THE BIGGEST THING IN MY BUGGY? NO, YOU DA! I AM GOING TO RING THOSE $15 BATTERIES UP AS A $1 CUP O’NOODLE AND SHOVE THEM IN A BAG. DUH! Ok rant over, but seriously it gets me fired up. Don’t make me do YOUR job then question if I did the job right or not. ok ok ok now the rant is over.

Anyways, after I proved my innocence, I was able to leave. Allllll that to say, take a mental health day before extended school breaks but do not venture to Wal-Mart, because they’ll check your mental capacity faster than your child who claims they’re bored on Day 1 of the break at 7:30am.

Also, in addition to the mental health day, I highly suggest you reward yourself for surviving the extended break & plan some sort of self-care item in the week following the break. Once those kiddos are back in the classroom, plan to get a pedicure , massage, or a quiet meal alone one day on your lunch break. As I was typing this, I realized I forgot to schedule my post-spring break massage so I had to stop real quick and do that.

This was a random post. I kind of want to say sorry, but that would be a lie. This is an honest look at the inside of my chaotic brain. Sorry. Not Sorry.

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