No Spend September 2019

If you’ve been around the club for a while then you know all about my No Spend September challenge. Every year I challenge myself (and you!) to go the entire month of September without any frivolous spending. It is A LOT harder than it sounds!

The first year I did No Spend September I actually went back through my August debit card transactions and added up all of my frivolous spending. The amount was sick. It really inspired me to stick with it and overall I did really well. My success rate and rules have changed a bit over the years but I am still sticking with No Spend September!

Last year, I didn’t do as well….in fact I bought a new car in September. You heard read that right. I bought a new car during NSS. Huge fail. Last year we also went to the beach during September for an “adults only” weekend. During that weekend the girls snuck off to the outlet mall….history is repeating itself as we will be returning to the beach during the month of September for another kid free weekend…maybe we will have enough sunshine this year that we won’t run away to the outlet mall!

Through the years I have discovered two things. 1) I struggle with impulse & emotional shopping 2) I can justify damn near anything as a need rather than a want. These two factors coupled with the fact that I struggle to pass up a good deal makes the month of September REALLY challenging for me!

Here are my general guidelines defining “frivolous”:

  • Do I NEED this item for survival? ie Food, bills, gas, etc.
  • Haircut & color is NOT frivolous. These are essential to my self esteem and therefore not frivolous.
  • No beauty products including ColorStreet nails, makeup, etc. (Obviously shampoo & soap are approved!)
  • Current monthly subscriptions are okay but NO new subscriptions!
  • No home decor purchases.
  • No clothing purchases for any member of the family. Not even with my Poshmark credits.
  • No extra toys for Q. His allowance must cover his toys this month.
  • Eating out is approved (Listen, I don’t really like cooking so whatever. Food is essential to life anyways.)
  • No gift buying (I buy wayyyy in advanced so I won’t need a gift this month but this rule helps me keep from buying toys and sh*t and storing it away for future needs.)
  • Football party spending is limited to food and beverages. No party decor. (I love theme parties and feel this need to buy decor)

Alright, that’s the challenge! You in? Comment & let me know! Cheers to No Spend September! I can’t wait to hear what you do with all the extra money you save this month!

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