Nails On Fleek

If you’re anything like me, having your nails done makes you feel like you have your life together…or at least gives off the illusion that you have your life together. However, I don’t have an hour to spend in the salon every few weeks getting my nails painted and listening to folks talk about me in another language. I also get serious mom guilt spending money on myself so the thought of spending $30 on myself when Q obviously needs the latest Hot Wheel toy isn’t appealing either.  The obvious solution is to paint my nails myself but let’s be real, they’ll end up looking like my 6 year old did them or I’ll smudge them when my husband needs me to get another roll of toilet paper or the dog will jump on the couch and knock my arm which will in turn knock the bottle of polish all over the couch. I am happy to report I found an AWESOME solution: COLORSTREET.

ColorStreet is a networking marketing company that sells REAL polish nails strips that are applied like stickers and last for up to 2 weeks! Listen, I don’t sell ColorStreet so this is a totally unbiased review. Typically MLM company products are a little pricey because they gotta pay the pyramid but not ColorStreet. The package of nail strips cost around $12 and are B3G1 free. After tax and shipping, it works out to about $10 a manicure!

Here’s the coolest part: You can apply your nails ANYWHERE. I’ve done my nails in the airport. I’ve done my nails in the bed with nothing but the light of my cellphone. I’ve done my nails in the car waiting on Q to get out of school. Literally ANYWHERE!  Everything you need to apply the strips are included in the package, so throw the pack of nails you want to apply in your Mobile Mom Office and do you nails at ball practice this evening!

Speaking of application, the application process is so simple. Find the strip that closely matches your nail size,  clean your nail with the included alcohol pad, peel off the plastic protector piece,  stick it on like a sticker, press down to make sure it stuck, and file off the excess (even a mini nail file is in the kit). That’s it. No heat or glue needed! No matter if your nails are long or short, these can be filed to fit your needs!

I’ve found that they last about 10 days before they start chipping and I usually don’t remove until day 14 (with typical nail polish remover because remember they’re real nail polish) ! $10 and 10 minutes versus $30 and an hour? Hello! No brainer!

They have several colors and styles to choose from. Whether you like colored glitter, plain Jane colors, French manicure, or fun prints, they have something for everyone! Plus they change their design options with the seasons/holidays so you can have perfect nails for every occasion!

Like I said, I don’t sell ColorStreet, so you can go to their website, find a momma local to you, & support their business! I personally shop with a fellow HMMC Member, Angie. You can shop from her HERE. If there are any other HMMC members who happen to sell ColorStreet, feel free to comment with your shopping link below!

Want to try before you buy? Join me on Facebook for our monthly live video (8pm on 4/30). I’ll be giving away a set or two!

So, here is my mom hack for keeping your nails on Fleek…with ColorStreet….What style or color will you try first?


5 thoughts on “Nails On Fleek

  1. Love this! I totally agree how convenient they are to apply anywhere at half the price/time as a salon manicure. I feel like at $10 a set it’s great that you can apply 2 manis per set if you nails are short enough. This little bit of bling on my fingers sure makes me not feel like such a hot-mess mom 🤗

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    1. My friend is able to get 2 manicures a Set! I use the entire set and get a manicure and pedicure out of it! How cool is that?!? A manicure and pedicure for $10!!!! I love having something on my nails too…definitely conceals the hot messiness 😂


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