A Quick $50

Over on Facebook I mentioned our April challenge is to clean all of our random junk spaces–think nightstands, junk drawers, hall closets, etc. So far this month, I’ve tackled 2 junk places.

First up: Our Junk Drawer…I’m pretty sure every kitchen has one of these infamous drawers…a holding place for a bunch of random sh*t that you don’t really know where it belongs…misc. mail, lighters, pens, those little screwdrivers that come with DIY projects, koozies, etc. As you’ll see below, our junk drawer was filled with a bunch of random crap.


From band-aids to bug spray to dart supplies to aspirin…literally our junk drawer was full of JUNK! After a quick 5 minute purge, it’s a functional catch-all for miscellaneous “stuff” that we may need quick access to.


Next up: The Cleaning Supply Closet…this random closet is in our laundry room. I think it’s supposed to a be a pantry and/or linen closet…not really sure…we stash random household sh*t in there like cleaning supplies, batteries, excess from my Boxed.com bulk buys, etc. It quickly became a disaster!

After a 20 minute purge, it’s back to being fully functional…

Fun fact: I found so many cleaning supplies that were brand new from my couponing days…these were items that I’ll no longer use thanks to my “hippie” ways so I posted them for free pickup in a local yard sale site and 10 minutes later they went from my trash to another’s treasure! I also found 2 BRAND NEW kitchen appliances that were wedding gifts from over 4 years ago…posted those and made a quick $50 bucks…so basically I got paid to clean! Win win!

We’re halfway through the month and I’ve knocked out 2 junk spaces…hopefully I’ll get a few more spaces cleaned up in the next few weeks! Anyone else taking on the monthly challenge and purging the junk?


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