Make Rume–Mom On The Go!

Remember a while back when I shared my genius Mobile Mom Office mom hack with you? Let me refresh your memory…basically, we spend so much time waiting around between car pool lines, dr. offices, and kiddo’s practices. My idea is to put all your “office supplies” into a bag and tote that bag with you…you can cross things off your to-do list while you wait! Things like paying bills, writing thank yous, & writing blog posts are just a few ideas.

RumeWell, since sharing that hack with you, I have found the PERFECT bag for your mobile office….Introducing the Rume Bag. I stumbled across this bag via my FB feed and their ad intrigued me. They claim their nylon bags are super light weight and have so many storage pockets that you are guaranteed to stay organized. I don’t typically buy from FB ads but this one lured me in and I bought the Aura backpack bag. I have to say, it was love at first sight. This backpack is everything it claimed to be and more! The nylon material makes clean up breezes (trust me, I know firsthand…Q spilt chocolate milk on my bag and nothing leaked through and I was able to clean it up in a matter of minutes!). The bag literally weights less than my Yeti full of V8. The pockets….THE POCKETS…Goodness gracious, the Type A in me loved all of the pockets! There are even pockets on each side which are perfect for bottles of water or your cell phone! Not to mention, not one but TWO zipper pockets on the front of the bag! The backpack boasted two carrying handles so that it can be carried like a tote but also traditional backpack straps. The stylish design of black with gold hardware makes this bag look polished and professional. Don’t let the $60 price tag scare you off. This bag is well worth every penny….Use the code RRLeah113 for a 20% off discount at checkout! Rume2

Since buying the Aura backpack, and using it literally everyday as my “Mobile Mom Office”, I knew I needed the Aura Handbag for traveling. The Aura Handbag has the same concept as the backpack but features a tote bag style with a cross body strap. I used the Aura Handbag on our recent Vegas trip and was very impressed with how well it traveled. Since the bag is so lightweight, I was able to use the crossbody strap with ease thus freeing up my hands to hold my Starbucks and boarding pass. I was able to fit all of my carry-on needs in the bag with room to spare (including a pair of shoes and change of clothes!!!). The bag was able to fit nicely under the seat in front of me thus no awkward over the head bin struggle. Not sure if you need the Aura Backpack or the Aura Handbag? Buy the bundled Aura Collection and save! Don’t forget, use code RRLeah113 for a 20% discount at checkout!

Rume1Right now, I only own the two above mentioned Rume bags but I have several items from their website on my wishlist including their Phone Clutch and GTO (Garment Travel Organizer). Another reason to love Rume? They PAY YOU to share your love for Rume. That’s right, once you fall in love with Rume, you can sign up to be a Rume Rep and get your own discount code to share with your loved ones. Your friends & family get 20% off and you get a 10% commission! How awesome is that?!?

So, now that you know the genius mom hack and now have the perfect bag to carry, why are you not carrying around your Mobile Mom Office?


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