Poshmark: Clothes To Cash

Earlier this month I mentioned our Monthly Challenge is to clean out our closets & purge the clothes. As far as what you do with those clothes, its up to you, but if I were you, I would look into Poshmark! Here is why: I’ve made over $600 in the past 2 months selling my family’s unwanted clothes without ever leaving my house! 

Poshmark is an app and a website that connects you with other people who are interested in buying and selling fashion for cheap! Here’s the jist….Using the FREE app, you take a few pics of your clothing (New or Used, doesn’t matter). You’ll enter in a price and description of the item and list the items in your “closet”. Then, sit back and wait for the item to sell! Once the item sells, PM emails you a shipping label. Box up the item, attach the shipping label, and stick it in the mailbox. Your work is done! Once the buyer gets the item, they acknowledge receipt and PM releases your money to your PM account. You can either shop on PM with the $ or transfer it to your bank account. PM does take a small fee but they are very clear about how much you will get off each item after their fees when you price out your items. 

Did I mention you don’t have to leave the house? Shipping supplies are FREE through USPS. All you gotta do is go to the USPS website and request the supplies. They will bring them to your door. Poshmark emails you the shipping label. Just print it and stick it on your package. Throw the package in the mailbox, stick the flag up, and go back to your couch!

All you momma’s who swear by consignment sales, let me sell you on PM….NO wire hangers. NO safety pins. No labeling. No drop offs. No stress to have everything tagged, pinned, and hung by a certain date. No stressing about getting back over to the church to pickup your items that didn’t sell.  None of that is necessary with PM. Sell your stuff all year long, not just one or two weekends a year! Just take a few pictures of your stuff whenever you have a free minute and go about your day. Easy Peasy!

Shopping on PM is great too. Let’s say someone has 3 things in their virtual closet that you want to buy, you can bundle them and get a cheaper price. Even better, you only pay 1 shipping cost! Shipping is a flat $6.99 but its USPS priority 2 day mail with tracking so it is worth every penny. If you like a pair of shoes that someone has listed for $20 but you really only want to pay $15, you can offer them $10 and negotiate the price!

I am shopper. I love to shop. PM has been great for me. I am taking unwanted goods, turning them into cash, and going shopping for new stuff! It’s like FREE shopping! I’ve purchased a brand new dri-fit Nike Polo for JHub for $15. I’ve gotten a brand new Ivanka Trump purse, with tags, that retailed for $175 for $25.  I also like that I can get Q name brand clothes for little to nothing especially since he is going to outgrown them in a few months. I got him 10 pairs of Under Armour shorts for $17! If you do a little searching, there are A LOT of great deals on PM.

Poshmark is an easy way to generate a little side income off your unwanted clothing and accessories. You have all these unwanted clothes hanging around your house. Why not turn them into cash?!?

Ready to be a posher? Head over to Poshmark and use the referral code LEAHKATHRYN4 when you sign up! You’ll get $5 added to your Posh account just for you using my code! Let me know when you sign up, I’ll come shop your closet!

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