March: Spring Cleaning Pt 1.

Happy March! Happy Spring! New Month! New Challenge! This Spring, we are going on a 3 month long journey to “spring clean” our homes! If your house & schedule are anything like mine, we are going need the entire Spring to get this cleaning done! So, let’s jump right in!

I admit, I am a clothes hoarder. Literally, I have the dress that I wore to my SENIOR luncheon. Not Senior in college….Senior in High School….like all the way back to 2005. Why do I have this dress? NO CLUE. It most definitely doesn’t fit and even if it did, it isn’t in style any longer. I have pantyhose, still in the package, from who knows when just chilling in a drawer. I have bathing suits from my college days that I’ll never let touch this hot momma bod. I have t-shirts that could literally fill 2 dresser drawers shoved into 1 drawer…which is ironic because I really don’t like wearing t-shirts. And the shoes…OH THE SHOES….Don’t get me started on the freaking shoes…And that is just my closet. Now times that by 3 because QMonster and JHub have equally as much useless “stuff” hanging out in their closets.

So, for the first month of Spring Cleaning, we are focusing on the clothes–Dressers & closets for everyone. You’ll need a garbage bag per person. Every day, I want you to find one article of clothing, whether it be shoes, pants, shirts, heck even accessories such as scarves and belts, and toss it in the bag…FOR EACH PERSON. If adding one more task to your daily to-do is too much, then split is up and assign each person a Sunday this month and tackle their bag Sunday evening before bed. Or, spend a wild Friday night doing all of the bags…whatever works for you….just FILL UP THE BAGS! There are 31 days this month so that means each bag should have 31 “things” filling it up at the end of the month.

Now, what you do with those bags are up to you…If you are one who likes to donate, then find a local place and donate those goods. If you are one who regularly holds yard sales, then put some prices on them and sell those goods! If you are a PoshMark person, like me, then by gosh SELL THAT STUFF! (Not a PMer, but curious? I have a special post dedicated to Poshmark coming this month…stay tuned…If you can’t wait, use @LeahKathryn4 as your referral code when signing up!). Most of my goods will be going on Poshmark but some stuff I’ll be donating. No matter which option you go with, your closets will be CLEAN and that is all that matters!

Hey, you may get so wrapped up in the closet clear out that you fill up multiple bags per person which would be great…because then you have room to fill ’em back up again…kidding….kind of….Shameless plug: If you need some more clothes to fill up your closet after this massive clean out, check out The Swag portion of the site…you’ll find some fun HMMC tees!

So, now you’ve been challenged to SPRING CLEAN your family’s clothes this month! Remember, check back in at 8pm on the 31st over on FB to tell us how you did. FREE stuff is given away so be sure to join us!

Alright, I’m off to find my 3 trash bags….how many bags will you be filling up this month?


3 thoughts on “March: Spring Cleaning Pt 1.

    1. Its an app/website where users can buy & sell their clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. Kind of like eBay, without the bidding, but you can make offers and “deals”….Its a great place to buy and sell new and gently used clothes for a great price. Plus with you sell your items, you can ship them without ever leaving your house!


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