Snip! Snip! Hooray!

If you are anything like me, you base your purchases off reviews. When it comes to things for QMonster, I LOVE hearing honest mom reviews before purchasing an item. So today, I am giving you a honest mom review of Calming Clipper because I feel like they are a MUST have for moms, especially my fellow special needs mommas!

I’ve mentioned before how embarrassing it is taking Q to get a haircut. I mean ALL OUT sweat, scream, cry fest. I was desperate for a solution. After a random Amazon search, I stumbled upon Calming Clipper. They advertise themselves as a hair cutting kit for sensory sensitivity. The reviews were all good and the video seemed promising. I had them on my “wish list” for a while because I didn’t want to waste $35 if they didn’t work. Not to mention, I knew nothing about cutting hair. After another embarrassing trip to the salon, that resulted in HALF A HAIRCUT, I decided to give the calming clippers a go.

Two days later the box arrived. I was intimidated. I mean I can’t cut a straight line on paper so how in the world could I cut my son’s hair? I watched 3 or 4 videos on YouTube, read the instructions twice, and mustered up some courage. I took Q outside and told him I was going to do his haircut on the deck. All he had to do was stand there. I selected the biggest guard (thinking that if I kept some length to it, a barber would have more hair to work with when fixing my mess up). To my surprise, Q gladly put on the enclosed cape and stood on the deck while I moved around cutting his hair. The first snip was so scary FOR ME. I was worried I was going to jack my kid’s hair up. But, like the instructions said, quick snipping ensured the hair was blended and after 15 minutes, Q had his first home haircut. NO TEARS. NO SWEAT. NO LEAVING COVERED IN HAIR.

Haircut on Wheels!

That was nearly a year ago. Since then I’ve done haircuts in the driveway while Q rides his bike. I’ve done haircuts in the tub. I’ve done haircuts on the deck. I’ve done haircuts in the bathroom floor. Literally wherever Q picks, I can give him a salon worthy haircut. I have also gotten much better each time, probably more because I am feeling more and more relaxed every time I pull the clippers out. The blue clippers no longer intimidate me. Instead, I whip those bad boys out knowing I am saving not only my embarrassment but also my time and money! The clippers literally paid for themselves on the second home haircut!

These clippers are scissors with a traditional clipper style guard attached. Like traditional clippers, you can change the guard length. The kit comes with easy to read instructions, 7 guards for various lengths, the scissors, & cape. The part that is great for sensory sensitive kids is the quiet snipping noise. None of that traditional clipper humming or traditional scissor snipping noise. I also think Q does better with me giving him a haircut because he trusts me, unlike the stranger at our local HeadStart.

The infamous IG post….

Our fur child, Henry, is also anxious (seeing a theme in our household?). When it came time to give him a haircut, I was feeling so confident in my abilities, I decided I would give Henry a haircut too. I whipped out my trusty blue clippers and went to work. Henry was totally at ease. 30 minutes later, he was a new dog. Not only did I save the $60 groomer’s bill, I saved so much time not having to find a leash and drag him to and from the groomers.

Even if your child (or dog) isn’t anxious about a haircut, you should consider these clippers for the time and money savings alone. Us mommas can always use more time and more money! Don’t worry if you’ve never given a haircut before, after a few YouTube videos and snips, you’ll be considering a career in cosmetology!

Happy Haircuts Package

Here is the best part about Calming Clipper… After posting a pic of Henry’s haircut using Calming Clipper on InstaGram, I started chatting with Michael at Calming Clipper.  I told him how my fellow HMMs would love his product but often our wallets are a little tight. He suggested we do a HMMC GIVEAWAY! I know us HMMs love FREEBIES so  Calming Clipper is giving one Hot Mess Momma a Calming Clipper Happy Haircuts package to equip you with all the tools you need for a successful sensory haircut! The package consists of a Calming Clipper Kit (7 combs included), a barber cape, a safety scissor for trimming (ears and neck), and a hair shield to keep pesky hairs off the face!

So, ready to win a FREE kit? We’re running the contest over on Instagram! Entering the contest is simple! 1. Follow 2. Follow @CalmingClipper 3. Tag a friend on the giveaway post in’s instagram feed! Each friend tagged is an entry. Enter as many times as you’d like! Winner will be announced Saturday (7/7).


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