Haircuts On Wheels

You know that tingling feeling you get when someone is playing with your hair? You know that moment of bliss you feel when someone else is washing your hair? You know that superstar moment you feel when you walk out of the salon with a fresh cut? Yeah, all of those feelings are what make going to get your haircut so freaking awesome. I literally love getting my haircut. QMonster on the other hand HATES getting his haircut.

IMG-1335Let me tell you, nothing, I MEAN NOTHING is more embarrassing than taking Q to get a haircut. Y’all I swear….I mean full blown embarrassment….just picture it…me, sitting in the chair, wrestling Q, a lady with scissors trying to get his hair out of his eyes and even….its a mess. It always ends with sweat and tears…from everyone involved. Not to mention, Q is scared of the “cape” so we leave covered in hair….I have no clue why a haircut is such a chore with him. I literally will let his hair get OUT OF CONTROL before attempting a haircut.

One day I came across some “Calming Clippers” on Amazon. They are for kids (or adults or dogs) with sensory issues. They have interchangeable guards so you can determine the length you want and they don’t have the dreaded hum of clippers or a loud snip when they cut. They even come with an official looking haircut cape! They have all sorts of YouTube videos to make even the most inexperienced mom feel like she can give a million dollar haircut to her kiddo. I bought them. I was desperate.

I’m happy to report I now give Q his haircuts at home with little to no issues. No sweat, no tears, no hair all over us, no wrestling match. He still ends up with a less than perfect haircut but that’s because my skills are still developing. The last haircut I gave Q was literally a haircut on wheels. No, I didn’t cut his hair while we were driving down the road….I cut his hair while he road his bike in the driveway. Yep…

IMG-1333I thought outside the box on this one…Q wanted to be a race car driver and I wanted to cut his hair…So, we pretended that all of the race car drivers had to get ready for the big race. We agreed we would do 5 snips per lap. Alright…we suited up. I got the scissors & driver Q put on his cape. He did a lap around the driveway and pulled into the “haircut bay”, I did my 5 snips and he drove off and the next race car driver pulled in for the same treatment. We did this on repeat for a solid 35 minutes until I deemed the haircut as close to perfect as it was going to get.

I want you to picture this for a second. Q driving this pedal go-cart, making race car noises while I am cutting his hair. He pulls out of the “haircut bay” to do another lap while I direct imaginary cars into the “haircut bay” and cut their hair. Of course, I pretended to cut the hair. Yes, picture me, standing in my driveway walking around cutting imaginary hair. Goodness, the things we do for our children.IMG-1338

Once the haircuts were over, we had to get the cars cleaned up. So, Q washed all of the hair off his go-cart while I cleaned up the scissors. All in all, it was a successful haircut and despite the funny looks I got from my neighbors it was FAR LESS embarrassing than going to get a haircut in public. So racers, next time you need your haircut, just come into the haircut bay and I’ll give you a haircut on wheels!

Anyone else cut their kiddo’s hair? Got any tips for this momma?


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