Better Than Clothes

She moves her body like a cyclone

I KNOW if you are any sort of cool you are singing the song now. In about 4 hours, when you are still singing the same 6 lines of the chorus (because let’s be real, that is all anyone knows), you can thank me!

I am not actually talking about moving my body or dancing. I am talking about QMonster moving. Since it is getting close to Christmas, I know that dreaded question “OMG WHAT SHOULD I GET <insert your kiddo’s name here> FOR CHRISTMAS?” is coming up. You may be asking yourself this question or your great aunt Sally is asking. The answer is always “I don’t know because he/she already has every single toy that Toys R Us has to offer.” However, I bet I found the toy your kiddo DOESN’T have but DOES need! (Unless your kiddo is super cool like QMonster, then ignore the rest of this post).


Last year for Christmas QMonster got this Radio Flyer Cyclone & he LOVES it. It is a bike/scooter/thing that requires them to use their arms to make themselves go. They can spin in circles, go fast, go slow, go down hills, roll in grass, whatever on this thing. Q literally rides his EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Every time he has a friend over, they argue over who gets to ride this thing. It is THAT awesome. Best part: IT IS AFFORDABLE ($50 range) and when Amazon Prime eligible so its perfect for that last minute shopping!

When I started writing this blog, I discovered the Cyclone has since been discontinued by Radio Flyer BUT have no fear! Amazon still has a few left! The age on the Cyclone is 4-8, which I would say maybe even 4-10 is more appropriate. I also want to point out that it is pretty easy to put together with a pair of pliers & screwdriver…so easy that I put Q’s together! Easy to read instructions & not a lot of pieces. I think I had it together and ready for the road in about 20-30 minutes with only one cuss word uttered!

QMonster on the Cyclone

So, for all you moms looking for the PERFECT gift for your littles, head on over to Amazon and grab them a Cyclone!

Also, comment below with your PERFECT gift idea for littles so all of us Hot Mess Mommas can get some great ideas for Santa presents!


[Please note that some of the links in this article are affiliate links and this blog will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. We have used all of the products listed and recommend them because we LOVE them ourselves!]


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