I Know.

When you’re a full blown Hot Mess Momma, you just KNOW. There is no question or doubt in your mind. You just know it and own it. I own the fact that I am a Hot Mess Momma. I just know I am and here is what qualifies me:

  1. A few weeks ago my bestie (who isn’t in the crazy motherhood club) invited me to lunch. I arrive and the first thing I did was open my handy coupon book & BAM found a coupon. So, I walk in and meet said friend and said “Hey, I have a coupon. Want to go halves with me? We save money!” Right then and there I just KNEW I was a Hot Mess Momma. Only a HMM would bring a coupon on a Wednesday afternoon lunch date with the bestie.
  2. Every single day, when I get QMonster from school, he says “mom your car stinks” as he is climbing in. Yep, it sure does. It smells like Micky Ds. Its a forever smell at this point. It shows NO sign of going away any time soon.
  3. The other night QMonster was in my bed & he coughed so hard that he threw up. Literally I STUCK MY HANDS OUT AND CAUGHT IT. Like no biggie. Didn’t even phase me.  Poop, throw up, pee whatever it doesn’t bother me anymore…I am a Hot Mess Momma and we’re used to having bodily fluids around.
  4. Cleaning PEE off the wall of my bathroom is a usual occurrence. Like so regular it makes the “cleaning schedule check list” CLEANING PEE OFF THE WALL. Just let that sink in for a minute. If you are Boy Hot Mess Momma you know what I am talking about.

I am a Hot Mess Momma and I am PROUD of it. I have a happy kid who doesn’t even realize his momma is mess. He loves me-all of me-including the mess & chaos! What makes you a Hot Mess Momma?


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