No Spend September 2021

I think I say this every year but CAN YOU BELIEVE WE ARE ALREADY IN SEPTEMBER? Like hello fall, football season, flannel shirts, pumpkin everything, & cooler temps! Along with alllllll the fall fun comes our annual tradition: NO SPEND SEPTEMBER! Its an annual tradition and each year I swear I am going to be 100% committed and for the most part I do ok….except for that one year that I bought a car in the middle of NSS….This year’s challenge is that I will be moving into a new house during the month of September and the desire to buy all new decor is going to be TOUGH to overcome. BUT, I am committed, I have a game plan, and I am ready to see this month fly by so I can start getting online orders delivered to my new address!

If this is your first time participating in NSS, or you need a refresher, here is the general idea: No frivolous purchases. Here is the thing, how you define frivolous is up to you. For some, eating out is a frivolous expense. For others, their daily Starbucks habit is frivolous. For me, purchasing gifts is frivolous because I gift shop all year long & have a gift closet stock full for those unexpected gift giving occasions. I also do not deem self-care as frivolous therefor if a hair appointment, massage appointment, nail appointment, etc falls during the month of September, I keep the appointment. I also deem one of those “pick-me-up pedicures” a NEED so I don’t skip on those if the need should arise.

Basically, take the day and jot down where you spend money too much and then make some “rules” for the month to try and eliminate those extra charges on your credit card. If you want to be real brave, like I was during year 1, go back through last month’s transactions and add up how much you spent on things you didn’t NEED. If you’re anything like me, that number probably equals the cost of a new LV bag or more! Honestly, that was the year I did the best so I should probably go back & do that again & let that obnoxious number motivate me again!

Alright, there you have it. No Spend September 2021 is officially a GO! Who is in?!?

2 thoughts on “No Spend September 2021

  1. Hey Marshall! I knew you moved to ATL but o didn’t know you went on to Dallas? Are your grandchildren in Dallas with you? I hope you’re doing well!


  2. Good to see you back in business. Haven’t seen you in a few years. Moved to Atlanta almost 2 years ago. Now living in Dallas. Where are you moving to ?

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