An Elf & Her Grand Idea

**Before I get to the hot messiness of this story, I am going to tell you a back story**

So this past Christmas Santa was struggling to get Q the perfect “big gift”. QMonster didn’t ask for anything (Well….technically he asked for things but his list included a riding lawn mower, a real monster truck, or a real race car…nothing Santa could fit in the sleigh). Santa and his elf put on their thinking caps and decided a really big remote control monster truck would be the perfect gift. The elf realized that the Monster Jam truck show was coming to town shortly after Christmas so tickets to the show and pre-party pit passes would be the perfect accompaniment to the “big gift”. Santa agreed, on one condition: QMonster MUST wear his ear plugs.

The elf bought tickets for Sunday afternoon. Sunday would be perfect for Santa’s schedule. The crowds would be smaller because it was right after church time on Sunday, the elf decided. The elf didn’t really think about the timing of the show when she purchased the tickets. The pre-party was from 10:30-12 and the show started at 1pm. The elf forgot that QMonster has a short attention span and entertaining him for an extra hour between the two events would be a challenge for Leah & Jhub. The elf also didn’t take into account that QMonster takes a nap around 1pm

**Now for the Hot Messiness**

Q woke up Sunday morning ready for the Monster Truck show. He was so excited. We all got dressed and headed out to the show. We made a few stops (to get ear plugs and to eat breakfast). Breakfast put us about 15 minutes behind so we arrived at the pre-party about 10:45am. We got in and realized the elf had NOT done her research on what exactly the “pit party” was. QMonster watches Ryan on YouTube (All you mommas know who I am talking about…that kid that  makes 11 mil a year playing with toys on YouTube…yeah him) and Ryan went to the Pit Party and it looked like fun. There was some sort of bounce house, monster trucks, small crowd, etc. The problem is that Q was super hyped up, thanks to Ryan. I am not sure what party Ryan attended but we did not attend anything of the sorts. Our pit party should have been called “The Pits” because that’s what it was. It was CROWDED as all get out (The elf should have known for $10 a person it was going to be crowded). You couldn’t actually touch the trucks (The elf should have assumed this). You had to stand in LONG ASS lines to meet the driver (The elf should have known Q could care less about the driver). All in all, Q was less than impressed and very disappointed (The elf was disappointed in Q’s lackluster reaction).

Due to the fact that Q couldn’t actually touch a truck, he requested we go find our seats. We headed up to our seats (nosebleed section because the elf is cheap). Before we could find our seats, QMonster had to stop and check out the Monster Jam swag. They had MJ Hot Wheels trucks, shirts, etc. Of course, Q wanted a truck…which was fine except they were $10 for a small truck that costs $5.99 at Target and $30 for a truck that costs $10.99 at Target. Seriously Monster Jam, why jack the prices up so much?!? JHub gave Q $10 and Q picked out a truck. Then we had to stop by the concession stand for a bottle of water and popcorn. $25 later, we found our seats.

The cotton candy comes with a hat…I assume to justify the price?

We found our seats around 11:30. The show starts at 1pm. So basically we spend the next hour and a half trying to entertain Q. We watched the people down below stand in long lines. We watched people find their seats. We played with his new truck & the one I brought (I thought by bringing one of his trucks I would avoid having to buy swag…wrong again, elf). We ate popcorn. We bought a $15 bag of cotton candy (which Q didn’t like because it made his hands sticky). We watched them move the trucks from the pits to the holding area. All in all, we managed to kill the hour and a half with little to no issues.

Right as the show was starting, we pulled out the ear plugs. Q refused to wear them. JHub was irritated because that was his Santa’s one condition. I told Q that the people in the yellow shirts (aka security) were walking around checking all the kids for ear plugs and he had to wear them. He put them in. Santa was satisfied. The show starts and Q watches for a bit before he starts moving around. He seemed uninterested in the show and was moving around more than usual. Finally, he said he was thirsty and had to go to the bathroom. Of course! So, him and I head down the 600 stairs to the restroom and to buy him a $15 snow cone (since they didn’t have his preferred chocolate milk). Back up the 600 stairs, we settle in. Q hates cold stuff so the snow cone went to waste.

The infamous snow cone!

Now its a little after 1 and Q is overdue for his nap. When he gets tired, he moves around more. I assume to keep himself awake. So, he was up and down out of his seat, begging to go back to the swag booth, sitting on the floor instead of his chair, etc. JHub and I both knew he was tired. Like beyond tired. He had reached his breaking point and we knew that if we didn’t leave soon, Q-nado was coming. We ended up leaving right at intermission. BUT before we could get out the door, we pass a guy selling popcorn and Q begs JHub for another box. Yep…they got us for another $6 as we walked out the door….

Honestly, JHub and I were not mad that we left early. We knew it was inevitable. Q hated wearing the ear plugs. It was nap time. His attention span isn’t long. J and I are not really big MJ fans. So, despite the fact that we left early, spent an arm and a leg, & didn’t get to touch an actual monster truck, it was a successful (-ish?) trip to the Monster Jam show. Though, I am positive the elf won’t have the same idea next year!

Our attempt at a family selfie….

Just another day in the life of a Hot Mess Elf Momma!


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