Vacation: A Hot Mess

Every year, JHub and I jet off to Las Vegas for some fun-filled adult time. One would think since I am on vacation, I would escape the Hot Messiness of my life…but no…even when I am kidless, I am still a hot freaking mess…

JHub and I have had this trip planned for a while now. Hotel & flights have been booked since early Fall 2017. We were beyond excited to escape reality for a few days. The days leading up to our departure were a little tense as the weather was predicted to be a little sketchy. The day before our trip, the entire state shut down for a nice mix of snow/ice that passed. Great. I decided to look on the bright side: A day home with Quin before we leave him for a few days plus extra time to pack. However, as the day went on, JHub and I started getting nervous as they were predicting that the streets would still be a mess the following day and we wouldn’t be able to get to the airport. The evening before we were due to leave, I was heading to bed and got the dreaded call that schools would be closed the following day….greattttt….JHub and I went to bed super nervous that our trip would be pushed back a day or two.

Wednesday: The day of our much needed vacation! I woke up early and scoured my trusted news source (Facebook) for any signs that our vacation was a no-go. To my surprise, I found that the “big hill” getting out of our neighborhood was fine and the interstate wasn’t shut down due to ice. Wooohooo! My mom came over to start her babysitting gig and we were off to the airport! We arrived at the airport with no issues and our flight was on time!! Crisis averted… At departure time, we lined up to board (Shoutout to JHub for being quick on the draw and getting us in the A boarding group!) however, before we could get on the plane, the airline came over the intercom to let us know that a “light was on” and they were calling a mechanic over to inspect the issue and would keep us updated. A short while later they tell us the mechanic has fixed the issue and to line back up. Wooohooo… on to the plane we go. We all get on. We get settled in. We watch the stewardess go over her safety presentation and we head for the runway. Before we get to the runway, we stop. We sit, idling, for a while before the pilot comes over the intercom to tell us there is another light on and they need to get it looked at. It shouldn’t take long to fix so we are all going to stay on the plane. We taxi back to the gate and stay aboard. About 30 minutes later, they tell us they have bad news: The plane needs a new part that is in ATL and it will be hours before they get the parts to Bham. We get off the plane and head back to the terminal where we wait for an update. The good news is that the airline was able to find us an extra plane in Nashville so all we had to do was wait for the extra plane to arrive. Crisis averted….again….

The shared pizza…For reference: that is her drink & computer & my pizza on her napkin……

JHub and I spent the wait in the airport bar & grille. We figured we might as well go ahead and start our vacation. I ordered a margarita….the bartender, who was less than friendly,  informs me he is out of sour mix. (Insert eye roll here. I mean seriously, this day?!?) JHub ordered some food. The bartender informs us that he is out of whatever meat was needed to complete his order. We settled on a BBQ sandwich and a flatbread. After a long while, and another round of drinks, our food comes. As I am eating, the woman sitting next to me starts asking about my food. Y’all, before I know it, my plate is sitting closer to her than me and she is eating my pizza with me. Only I would end up sharing my pizza with a random lady (who I later discover is writing a trashy romance novel) at an airport bar. Literally only me.

After a while, the relief plane arrives and saves the day. We arrived in Las Vegas about 4 hours later than scheduled. When we get to LV airport, the crew that is supposed to let us off the plane is nowhere to be found. We literally sat at the gate, all standing around trying to get control our tempers while waiting for someone. anyone. to let us off this darn plane. The crew finally shows up and we all shuffle off the plane in record time. JHub and I grabbed a taxi and headed off Planet Hollywood to enjoy some much needed R&R!

Shoutout to SouthWest for the free drinks on the flight….

Overall the rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. We gambled. We won. We lost. We ate some seriously good food. JHub sent me to the spa for some momma time. We drank beer and margaritas. We shopped. We walked. We attempted to see Celine Dion (though due to a vocal chord issue the show was cancelled-which we found out as we were trying to get in….). We slept in. We stayed up late. We hung out with friends. JHub threw darts. We did all of the fun things Las Vegas has to offer.

Coming back was fun…we had a late flight out and were due to get into BHam around midnight so we headed to the airport pretty early to see about changing our flight…SouthWest was happy to change our flights for about $900. We opted out of that deal and ended up spending about 6 hours in the LV airport before heading home.



In the air, with a margarita in hand…

While I hated to see our vacation end, I was so happy to get back to QMonster and back to my routine. HUGE shout out to my mom for taking care of Q while we were gone. My mom, who I am hoping will be a guest blogger, had quite the Hot Mess adventure taking care of Q (including throw up in the car, delayed school openings, meltdowns, and early mornings). She deserves a vacation of her own…though we didn’t win big in Vegas so all I can afford to give her is a hug.  Jimmy’s mom provided my mom some relief so she deserves a hug too.

So, as you can see, the Hot Mess just follows me. Even on vacation. Heck, based on my mom’s adventure I am convinced Hot Mess is just in my blood. Anyone else convinced they have Hot Mess as their blood type?


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