“MOMMA! I went poop!”

Happy Monday!

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You know you want one!

Last Monday Q Monster was dealing with a cold that caused his asthma to flare up. We’d been controlling the asthma with his nebulizer all day on Sunday but around 2am Monday morning he woke up in a coughing fit. I decided it was time to break out the big guns-the steroid-so I mixed his dose of steroid in with his strawberry milk and he drank it. It worked! His coughing subsided, his wheezing was sounding better, all was well right?


The steroid they give him for times like these causes him to be WIDE AWAKE and FULL OF ENERGY. So, at 2am, after chugging his milk Q was no longer tired. In fact, he was ready to start his day. However, this sleep deprived momma was NOT. We literally laid in bed watching TV, playing iphone games, talking, & singing until 6am! Somewhere around the 3am mark I could tell this was going to be a long day and went ahead and requested PTO from my day job so I could take care of Q and attempt to get some sleep. 4 HOURS for the effects to wear off. Literally JHub was getting up to go to work and we were going back to bed. You gotta give to get I guess…You get your kid healthy but you give up sleep and energy…

We ended up sleeping until about 9 that morning. I woke up to a text from my boss asking me to log in and handle an issue. Normally this would be no problem except it was Monday and the world was against me. So in my sleep deprived state, I am attempting to get our POS laptop connected to my work computer so I can handle said issue. Well my work computer was off so I had to call the office and get a co-worker to go turn my machine on. Right as my co-worker (Who is new and has literally talked to me twice) calls me back and starts talking to me, Q yells “MOMMA! I went poop! Come wipe my butt!”

Of course! Because he always goes #2 at the worst times…like when I am in the middle of cooking dinner, as soon as our food comes at the restaurant, or when I get on the phone with one of my male co-workers (If he had been a she I wouldn’t have been as embarrassed because moms get it, they know how kids have the best timing). So I am mid-conversation with my co-worker about my connection issues and heading in to the bathroom to wipe Q’s butt. I am trying to focus on my conversation but struggling because WE ARE OUT OF FREAKING TOILET PAPER and Q is standing there with his pants down and a dirty butt…talking non-stop about how we need to flush the potty so his poop can go to poo-poo land and how it smells and how there were two poo-poos in the potty ….ughhhhh embarrassing! …..so I grabbed the closest thing….hemorrhoid wipes (obviously since those were the closest things to me, we have other issues around our house) and got him cleaned up all while still trying to maintain a normal conversation about my computer.

I am back in the office & have yet to come face to face with said co-worker. I am unsure if I should apologize for whatever my poor new co-worker heard or if I should keep my face to the ground and act like it never happened. I am hoping he is a parent and has totally been in my shoes before and thought nothing of it but that may be wishful thinking.

Tell me has your kiddo ever completely embarrassed you with bad timing & #2?


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