Wing It!

Y’all, I love makeup. The older I get, the more I love it. I love lipstick. I love eyeshadow. I love mascara. I just love it all. But, heres the thing….I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH ANY OF IT. That’s right. I spend too many dollars on makeup and I have no clue what to do with it. Don’t expect any live Facebook videos of me teaching you some new contouring technique anytime soon. I watch these videos all the time. I search Pinterest for the latest makeup tricks. I try to copy cat them at home and I just wind up laughing at myself and wiping it all off.

A few weeks ago, my friend Katie and I were talking about our lack of makeup and hair skills and how someone needs to teach us how to do these things. We said we didn’t want a sales pitch (no offense to you Mary Kay, Younique, Avon, Limelight, etc. sellers-it just wasn’t what we were looking for). We wanted a judgement free & fun makeup class. So, I did some research and discovered that Sephora offers classes FOR FREE. Lucky for Katie and I, they had a winged eyeliner class in a few days so we signed up. Sephora does the classes early on Saturday mornings before the store opens. So, at 8:30am on Saturday morning, we headed over to the mall and went to class.

We were greated by two Sephora team members, Leanne and Melissa, who were so sweet and non-judegy type women (In fact, Katie and I liked them so much we are trying to put together an off premise make up class with them so we can drink and get more makeup knowledge. Shout out to our new friends!). As luck would have it, Katie and I were the only ones there to take advantage of this awesome freebie so we were treated like VIP and literally got to shop the store before it opened and got one on one eye liner lessons. The class lasted about an hour and was alot of fun. We walked out with winged eyes & the know how to do it again at home! We will be going back for future classes so we can further enhance our makeup skills.

Here is Katie and myself–Winged eyes & all!

You guys, this is totally not a paid advertisement for Sephora so you should listen to me! Head over to Sephora’s website and look up their FREE classes. Literally, FREE. There was not a sales pitch, no pushing of some overpriced eye liner, no “you gotta spend $50 to attend the class” deal…Not to mention, not many people take advantage of this perk so you and a friend could end up ALONE in SEPHORA! Talk about a girly girl’s heaven!

Since its “Things I Love Thursday”, tell me, what is something you love that nobody seems to know about? Mine is FREE makeup classes at Sephora!


Nobody should let me in Sephora VIP style–I might go crazy!

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