Monthly Challenge: Feb 2018

When I started this blog, I started doing what I called “Monthly Challenges“. Basically, picking things in my life that I wanted to change or improve upon and dedicating the month to making that “thing” better. In 2017, I got away from the challenges. No real reason why, I just drifted from them. However, I’ve been thinking about MCs for a while now and I miss them…so THEY’RE BACK!

Each month, I plan on posting a challenge on the 1st of the month. Follow the challenge, if you wish, and check back on the last day of the month (over on FaceBook ) to see how I did and share how you did. If you like free stuff, follow HMMC on Facebook! On the last Friday of every month, a giveaway, pertaining to the MC, will be posted over there!

Alright…On to February’s challenge….Since February is all about hearts and cupid and red and pink and chocolate and flowers and blah blah blah…I thought it would be a good time to focus in on LOVE. Not just loving your spouse & kids, but showing love to the other people in your life. If you are anything like me, you get caught up in the day to day, the routine of things, the here and now. If you are like me, you have a TRIBE and you LOVE that tribe but you don’t tell them enough. Y’all my tribe is AMAZING and they deserve all the love in the world but, a lot of times I am a bad friend, lose focus, and forget to tell them.

This month, that changes….the February Monthly Challenge is showing your tribe some LOVE. There are 28 days this month…find 28 people in your tribe and show them love….below is my list….use my list as a suggestion if you are having trouble of thinking of your own tribe. If your “love language” is words, write them a letter. If your language is gifts, buy them their favorite candy bar or little trinket that reminds you of them. If your language is affection, give them a hug. Anything that you can do to show your love & appreciation for the member of your tribe!


I know my list may be a little odd…like how in the heck is the server at my favorite restaurant in my tribe? Well, honestly, without my regular margarita nights at my local Mexican joint, I wouldn’t be functioning most of the time….How is the cashier at Target part of my tribe? Because, Target’s dollar spot & clearance racks give me life. How can I show those folks some love? tipping extra, complementing them, or letting their manager know what a great job they’re doing. On day 25 I have “a mom you admire”, find someone who inspires you to be a better mom….it may be someone on your FB feed that you are not really close with but you are envious of her dedication to her workout, job, kid, etc. Let her know! On day 26, be sure to thank a long lost friend for all the good times and the memories, that person helped shape you into the person you are today and I bet, despite losing touch, that person would drop everything to help you right this minute. On the last day, I have “stranger”. I know this may seem odd, but sometimes you come in contact with someone and they just change your perspective… maybe its a mom weathering a meltdown in Target and she needs a Starbucks…the members of your community are part of your distant tribe and they could use some love now and then too.  Now, this is just my list….who is on your list?

Grab your pen & paper, list out your tribe, and jot down ideas for each person…then spend the next 28 days showing your tribe some LOVE! Remember, check back on the evening of the 28th (over on FB) to see how I did and to let us know how you did!


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