Mother’s Day –Flashback

When J and I first got married, I started a blog called SportsAndStationery…It was a fun little blog but it was cheap… It served its purpose until I moved over here to HMMC! In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I would share my first Mother’s Day post originally posted on our S&S blog.

My First Mother’s Day (Originally Posted 5/4/15)

My first Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Really, it is a bittersweet day. First, I am so excited that I am going to be celebrated because the most perfect little boy in the world calls me “momma” but I am also so sad for his birth mom as it is her first Mother’s Day without a baby calling her mom. We don’t have a relationship with them so it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to send her a card, reach out to her, or anything of the sorts but I do hope she knows that I feel for her and I will remember her on Sunday. I pray she finds peace and knows that she is the ultimate mom who made the ultimate sacrifice for her child, giving him a life that she couldn’t. I hope that she knows how grateful I am for her decision and that I love her little boy more than anything. I hope she knows that I am wishing her a happy Mother’s Day too.Being a mommy, I now realize why my mom said she didn’t want us to get her a gift or we could just make her something or we could just spend the day with her. If Quin just makes me a card, that would be the ultimate gift. If Quin just gives me a hug and says “Love You Momma” then I would be completely satisfied. Really though, everyday has been Mother’s Day for me lately. Whenever he falls down, he comes crying to ME. He wants ME to pick him up, kiss his boo-boo, and hold him until the pain goes away. Whenever he wakes up in the middle of the night, he calls out for Momma and comes to my side of the bed and snuggles with ME. Whenever he is scared, he runs to ME for safety. Whenever he is nervous, he looks to ME for support and reassurance. Just knowing that he trusts me, loves me, and knows that I am his Mommy makes my day so wonderful.

I know a few women who are going through the adoption process and mother’s day may make them a little sad but PLEASE celebrate yourself on Sunday. You may not have a little one in your arms, but you are a MOM who is working so diligently to find your little blessing, giving up your precious time to fill out applications, get medical screenings, telling your life story to a stranger/social worker, and organizing fundraisers. You are already making such a sacrifice for your baby, which is what motherhood is all about!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there…Whether you are a first time mom, mommy to a grown adult, birth mom, adoptive mom, step- mom, mommy to a 4-legged fur child, or a mom waiting to meet your perfect little one, happy Mother’s Day to YOU!


Happy Mother’s Day


One thought on “Mother’s Day –Flashback

  1. I am reading this again and remembering that first time and how wonderful to see how you both have Blossomed over the short span of a few years. Love ❤️ you all, nana

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