HMMC Chit Chat Podcasts

The infamous Hot Mess Momma Club blog has taken to the air! Journey through the mayhem & momentous messes of Motherhood with your host LA. Featuring our MOMs (Mom Of the Month) Q&A sessions as well as YOUR hot mess stories! If you have a mess to share, check out the Share A Story page, use the “Leave Message” feature on the Anchor app, or call (702)-907-MESS!

Use the podcast player below to list to the current Chit Chat!

Our latest podcast episodes are listed below. You can hear all of our episodes through Anchor’s website, Anchor App, and your favorite Podcasting apps (Apple, Google, Spotify, TuneIn, etc.)

  • How can we have carpool chitchat with out carpool? WE CAN’T so that’s a wrap on Season 2! We will be back with season 3 on August 10th. Until then, […]
  • RIP Minivan! That's right, she is GONE! But, before I could record this episode in Carpool, the dang carpool line closed down!  Y'all when I talked to you last week […]
  • Pre-Momma vs. Momma. Who were you before you were Momma? Ever felt like you lost a little bit of yourself to motherhood? In today’s episode I’m comparing Leah to Momma. […]
  • This episode ain’t mini but the recording studio sure is!
  • Y’all this episode is BAD. Like unprepared, random, and overall a poor excuse for a podcast episode BUT the perk of being a self titled Hot Mess is that people […]
  • The powers that be decided last weeks “this would only happen to me” story wasn’t good enough and caused another “wtf story” to happen to me! Here is a quick […]
  • It’s like the forces that be want me to earn my title as the HMMC ringleader so they force messiness into my life. Here is another “Only me” story that […]
  • There ain’t nothing “fun” about fundraising so I’m not sure why the word FUN is in that word. It’s time for my annual rant session about school fundraisers. I’ve got […]
  • It’s finally February! A new month means it’s time for a new challenge! This month is all about faking it! Take your dirty mind & listen to the episode for […]
  • Y’all I pre-apologize that this episode is such a HOT MESS! I don’t know what is wrong with me today! BUT I’m rewarding you for listening so be sure to […]

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