HMMC Chit Chat Podcasts

The infamous Hot Mess Momma Club blog has taken to the air! Journey through the mayhem & momentous messes of Motherhood with your host LA. Featuring our MOMs (Mom Of the Month) Q&A sessions as well as YOUR hot mess stories! If you have a mess to share, check out the Share A Story page, use the “Leave Message” feature on the Anchor app, or call (702)-907-MESS!

Use the podcast player below to list to the current Chit Chat!

Our latest podcast episodes are listed below. You can hear all of our episodes through Anchor’s website, Anchor App, and your favorite Podcasting apps (Apple, Google, Spotify, TuneIn, etc.)

  • Reactive Attachment Disorder, or RAD , was our first diagnosis. We have and continue to deal with RAD on a regular basis. I am frequently asked about RAD since it […]
  • October is OVER and we are moving on to a new month. A new month means it is time for a new challenge! This month we are going to say […]
  • In early October I asked for volunteers for our October Mom Of The Month. I was OVERWHELMED with the amount of mommas who wanted to be on the Chit Chat […]
  • On this episode I am b*tching about the high price of medications…specifically those "covered" by insurance! There several cuss words on this episode so go ahead and cover those little […]
  • In today's episode we are recapping No Spend September, talking about causes that we are supporting during the month of October, and issuing our October Challenge! This month's challenge theme […]
  • Today is International Podcast Day AND our MOM interview. I thought I would celebrate Podcast Day by sharing some highlights of the season 1 MOM interviews! Season 1 MOMs had […]
  • I was a total b*tch last week and left you hanging on our adoption story….Enjoy Part 2 of the story…things are getting good and we are about to hear YES! […]
  • 9/3/14 We became a family of three. To celebrate our 5 year family anniversary, I am sharing our FULL adoption story, complete with details that only a few select people […]
  • My Hot Mess Summer Recap. On July 12th I recorded a bit to tell you about my crazy stressful summer thus far….will the second half of summer be a cake […]
  • Season 2 is FINALLY here! I am so excited to be back on the air with YOU! In today's episode we are talking all about Season 2 changes, new fall […]

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