Organized Chaos

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My life is pure chaos. I imagine, since you are here, that yours is too. It is OK! I am here to help organize some of the chaos. I have created a new series, Organizing The Chaos, detailing my Pinterest worthy organizing projects! The idea is to turn our homes into a functional use of space. I want us to de-clutter and turn our homes into eye-pleasing sanctuaries. You know when you are laying awake at night, unable to sleep, and a genius idea pops into your head? Yeah, that happens to me too! Sometimes those ideas are actually share-worthy so I’ve done you a favor and shared my mom hacks! In 2016, I was really into Monthly Challenges. I was hoping to take a weak spot in my life and transform it into a superpower in a months time. Sometimes I was successful, sometimes not so much. I want to get back into this idea of Monthly Challenges, so read up and play along!