What is Hot Mess Momma Club?

What To Expect!

My blog posts will highlight some of the comical Hot Mess Momma moments that happen in my daily life. I love sarcasm & bad words so, if you don’t, this may not be the blog for you. Our family has been blessed by adoption so expect that topic from time to time. I’m sure I’ll write about my friends, family, & acquaintances so, if you know me in real life & don’t want to be blogged about, unfriend me now. If you’re a stickler for grammar & spelling, go ahead & get out your red pen, you’ll have a hay day!  I hope this blog brings you laughter & relateable momtastic moments!  Please note that I use a lot of sarcasm & bad words. Please do not take my humor seriously, it is all in good fun.

Say What?!?

I may occasionally (read always) use shorthand or special HMMC (see what I did there?) lingo. Here is the dictionary:

HMMC: Hot Mess Momma Club

HMM: Hot Mess Momma

J-Hub: my husband, Jimmy

Q Monster: my son, Quin

Momtastic: something that is fantastic & totally mom related

Also Worth Noting:

I will occasionally post about things I LOVE and provide you a link to purchase these items. Sometimes, by purchasing items through these links this blog makes a little bit of money. I promise I am not promoting brands or items that we don’t love or trust!


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