Beyond The Highlight Reel

Real Life | Adoption | Special Needs

You guys, let’s get real. The Book, The Gram, & The Ghost…these are all just highlight reels of our lives! Quite frankly, I am nervous to be so open about the not so smiley parts of my life but I am hoping that other mommas will see that nobody lives a Pinterest perfect life…despite what their highlight reel shows! I entered this crazy motherhood journey through the blessing of Adoption. What I didn’t know, at the time, is that this journey would also lead me to multiple doctors, IEP meetings, and late night Dr. Google sessions. While QMonster leads a pretty normal life, he is still considered Special Needs. I hope to connect with fellow families blessed by adoption and/or special needs kiddos. Please feel free to email me at HotMessMommaClub at if you want to chat! Life is hard but I promise you are not alone!