Big Big Plans

We are finally entering the last week of 2020! Can I get an amen?!? Y’all, this year has been a doozy. Nobody could have predicted the craziness that 2020 would bring. I am cautiously optimistic that 2021 will be better.

While I can’t guarantee we won’t have another year of pandemic & political chaos, I can guarantee we’re going to have some fun around the Hot Mess Momma Club! Here are just some of the fun things I have lined up for 2021:

-Small Biz Sunday –We’ve actually had this one going for a few months but my plans for 2021 are to be more consistent and making sure it’s posted every. single. Sunday. I also plan to spotlight some of our small business mommas — bringing more attention to their products, specials, & their hustle. I encourage us all to shop fellow Hot Mess Mommas when we can!

-Saturday Steals — A couple of Saturdays a month will focus a “steal of a deal” from the Swag Shop! The deals will be in limited supply and for one day only. You’ll want to make sure to steal the deal quickly. Some deals will be huge markdowns on favorite items, bogo deals, free shipping, free gift with purchase, and more. If you’ve been eying something in the Swag Shop, be on the lookout for the Saturday Steals posts!

-Saturday Showcase — Some Saturdays will feature a showcase item. Items in the showcase will be items that I have personally used or have experience with. The point is to give you real life feedback on popular products for all members of your household. I’ve been working, behind the scenes, to score some seriously awesome affiliates and am hoping to be able to offer you awesome discounts on the products being showcased. If your business is looking for an affiliate partnership, reach out to me, I’d love to talk details with you!

-Winning Wednesday — This is a group favorite and I promise it isn’t going anywhere! Happy mail will still be given away each & every week. I’ve jazzed up the mail to include some new and improved items. Expect lots of cactus & HMMC branded items to be in your next Happy Mail package.

All of these new & improved programs will be taking place over in the Hot Mess Momma Club Facebook group. If you are not a member, you need to be!

In the fall of this year, I introduced a new way of collecting membership registrations. If you haven’t already, go register for the club! Official club members get quarterly emails with sneak peaks of the new HMMC merch coming out, birthday emails with special offers just for them, & are the only ones eligible to receive their Winning Wednesday prizes.

Bullying and Kindness are so close to my heart which is why the club motto has been “Stick With Kindness” but I think we need a change for the new year. The new motto for Hot Mess Momma Club is “Real. not perfect.” I want to make sure all of us mommas remember that our authentic selves are good enough just as they are. We don’t need to strive for Pinterest perfect. We need to strive for healthy and happy. I want us to embrace our Hot Mess selves and love every imperfect piece of our lives. So, I will be making sure that I am being 110% real & authentic and I hope you will do the same, in the club and in your personal life.

I have high hopes for Hot Mess Momma Club and 2021. I am excited to see where this year takes us and all the greatness that is sure to come. It takes a village & I am so glad you are here and apart of this chaotic tribe. As we wrap up 2020, I want you take some time and think about what you really want out of 2021 & start thinking of your word or phrase of the year for next year. You’ve got a week to think about it. I’ll be back next week to see what you’ve come up!

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