Sick & Tired

Full disclaimer: I try to keep my personal opinions to myself and off the internet but I am just flat out OVER.IT!!!!!I am not sorry for my personal opinions. I will not debate my position. If you’re totally in love with this COVID way of life and looking for an argument, you should click that X now. Also, this was typed on my cell phone so expect spelling & grammatical errors. If I proof-read this before publishing, I will change things up in an effort to be more PC rather than authentically pissed off.

I am sick and tired of living this way of life. This COVID way of life has gone too far. The masks, the ever changing polices, the isolation, the total disruption to life, the stress & strain being put on families….all of it…I am sick & tired of it!

My son, who is in special education, was quarantined for 2 weeks back in September. This was shortly after they went back full time from their 4 day a week staggard schedule that they kicked off the year with. He was sent home because a kid in his class had COVID and due to the close contact had to quaratine himself, even though he showed no symptoms. Even if he got a negative test, he could not come back. Now, less than 3 months later, the teacher of said class has COVID. My son was sent home, today, for another two week quaratine. Again, he is not showing any symptoms. That is a total of 4 weeks of mandatory quaratine time for a healthy child IN ONE SEMESTER. A semester that started later. A semester that started with 2 days a week of in person learning. Can we talk about how far behind my child will be at the end of the school year if this trend continues into next semester? Best part of this round of quaratine is that his return date is 12/23 aka the middle of Christmas break. This round of quaratine will have him out of school & routine for nearly a month. Nevermind the fact that he is a child in special education, with an IEP, with mental health needs, with a STRONG need of structure and routine.

Listen, I am not faulting the sick kid. I am not mad at the sick teacher. I am not mad at the school. I am mad at the higher up folks making these policies without thinking of our kiddos and how far behind they are getting. I am mad that special needs kiddos are being greatly affected with zero regard to their mental health.

Now, working from home full time has been a silver lining during this whole pandemic. Not having to get up with the sun, worry with my appearance, and fight rush hour traffic has been a welcomed change BUT you know what? I’ll put on a business suit & panty hose and sit on the interstate for an hour each morning if it means we can get back to business as usual. If it means that people can go back to work. If it means that businesses were not being forced into financial hardships. If it means that our kids can get the routine, education, and life they deserve.

This COVID way of living has caused stress on everyone. Employees are stressed because they’re having to figure out how to work and juggle a wonky school schedule. Employees are stressed because they need to be out due to illness but not working means they may not have a paycheck. Employers are stressed because they’re being forced to lay off employees they care about in order to keep their businesses open. Employers are stressed because the government is requiring them to pay employees who are out due to COVID while also paying a second employee to cover the sick employee’s schedule. Employers are stressed because the rules, mandates, and laws seemingly change every day and they can’t keep up but if they don’t they face harsh financial penalities. Hell, even the damn government is stressed because they’re having to find funds to rescue both the employees and the employers to ensure our economy and country don’t crumble to pieces.

I know the virus is real. I realize the virus is serious and that people are dying. I am not disputing that. What I am saying is that I am frustrated with the rash decisions that are being made without fully understanding the implications. I am frustrated that people are making rules, mandates, and policies that don’t affect them personally. I am saying that while we’re so busy looking over here trying to save people from COVID, we’re missing the folks over there who are dying from stress, suicide, and other mental health issues. This post is not about politics, vaccines, or masks. Its about our kids, our local businesses, and our mental health.

Again, this is my personal opinion. I wrote this on my cell phone, in a fit of anger, after receiving the call from my son’s school. I am not looking for a debate. If you don’t agree with me, that is totally ok! If you wanna wear your mask & isolate yourself, that is fine by me. I am just giving you my opinion. Feel free to write your opinion on your blog.

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