Happy Birthday HMMC

Happy birthday, HMMC! The club is officially FOUR years old this month. I feel like a proud parent watching my little baby grow up. Blog years are alot like dogs years and 1 is more like 7! Alot of blogs fizzle and fade within the first year so to make it to 4 is a HUGE accomplishment that I am so very proud of.

I thought I would take this time to reintroduce myself…the ringleader of the HMMC sh*tshow. The best way to sum me up: I am currently writing this blog post from an airplane, while I fly to Las Vegas with JHub. Always on the go, ready to take a gamble, work hard/play hard, and struggling to relax.

Really, I am a simple Alabama girl. Originally from Iowa, I consider myself a southern girl since the south is where I have spent the majority of my life. I am torn between Diet Coke and a margarita as my favorite drink. As such, I typically order them both at the same time. I am a sucker for sweets and nachos. I LOVE cacti and my favorite color is yellow. I am drawn to good deals, clearance racks, and sales. I find myself morphing into an online shopper rather than a brick and mortar shopper but I can still be found yellow tag hunting at the local Target most days.

I am 100% type A. I have a NEED for planning and organization. I have two planners and a digital planner currently. I make lists for EVERYTHING. I love planning themed parties. I cannot go with the flow…unless I have decided where the flow is going. I struggle with anxiety. I struggle with self love. I can over analyze any situation. Feel free to ask for anything, I will always say yes. I am constantly worried people are mad at me so please respond to my text messages ASAP. My love language is gift giving, hence all the giveaways in our Facebook group!

Most importantly, I am a mom and a wife. JHub and QMonster (and our fur boys, Henry Winston & Marshall Piston) make my world go ’round….and sometimes sideways. I have found myself waist deep in the special needs community after adopting our son Q. I honestly never thought I would be a special needs mom, though I knew from an early age I would adopt my child(ren). While my journey to and through motherhood has been filled with twists and turns, I can honestly say it has been a fun ride and 10/10 would ride it again.

I started the HMMC on a whim, when I realized that my life was a hot freaking mess and I had funny stories to share that would make other moms feel alot better about their messy lives. Since the first post, the club has grown alot in 4 years. We’ve become a judgement free mom tribe over on Facebook, with a podcast playing on all major podcast players, and a swag shop that supports several members of the HMMC. I never would have guessed that THIS is what the HMMC would look like today!

Whether you’ve been here from the beginning or have recently stumbled upon our little slice of the internet, I am so thankful you are here. Thank you for helping the Hot Mess Momma Club become a mom group full of love, laughter, support, friendships, curse words, and tequila! Cheers to the next 4 years!

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