No Spend September 2020

Somehow, despite all the craziness and setbacks this year has brought, we have made it to September 1, 2020. Thanks to COVID-19, we’ve all missed a lot of annual traditions this year BUT we’re not missing our annual tradition of No Spend September! This is our 4th year doing NSS and I don’t know about you but my quarantine online shopping is OUT.OF.CONTROL. and I NEED NSS like something fierce!

If you’re new here, or have a case of the mom brain, let me give you the low down on NSS. Here are the general rules I try to stick to. You can use these or adapt them as needed to fit your lifestyle.

Here are a few things I personally make exceptions for:

1) eating out….I am not big on cooking and giving up good food AND shopping at one time is just cruel and unusual punishment for myself.

2) If a hair or massage appt. falls during NSS, I keep my appointment. Those are essential to my overall self care and non-negotiable. Mainly because I already struggle with self-love so I don’t need to take away anything in that area.

Again, those are my personal guidelines. Feel free to adapt them as needed to make the challenge as easy or as hard as you’d like. For example, if you tend to grab a Starbucks everyday, perhaps you’ll try to just grab one on Fridays.

If this is your first time, or if you are not fully aware of your frivolous spending, I would encourage you to look through your August CC statement and do a little basic math. I did this the first year we did NSS and it was such an eye opener….I should probably do it again this year but due to be an emotional shopper and quarantine boredom, I am afraid the number would literally make me throw up. Lets just say, I know I have been out of hand with my shopping lately and admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery!

Let me go ahead and be real honest with you….we do this challenge and we do give it an honest effort but we’re human and we tend to fail on this challenge….for example, one year I bought a new car during No Spend September. Like uhm hello?!? MAJOR FAIL. So, don’t beat yourself up too bad if you buy yourself a new tube of lipstick that you find on the clearance rack. In past years I have been hit with vacations during NSS…this year is no different. In fact, thanks to COVID, mine & JHub’s annual tradition of going to Vegas has been moved to September as well as our annual tradition of beaching it with our besties. This month is going to be extra tough with these trips!

There are two main takeaways to No Spend September. 1) Become more self aware in regards to your frivolous spending and 2) Save a little cash before the holidays hit. Other than that, its just a fun way to challenge ourselves! So, are you in? Comment and let me know what your “rules” will look like, how you are defining frivolous, and what is going to be your hardest hurdle to overcome this month!

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