I Get Paid To Shop Online

September is NEXT WEEK….Which means NO SPEND SEPTEMBER starts next week! If you’re new around the club, I’ll give you all the deets on NSS next week. Until then, we have a week of shopping to do! Before you go shopping, I want to tell you about a SUPER EASY way to earn FREE CASH for shopping online with very little effort. Before you roll your eyes and click that little x in the corner, hear me out….This is not a scam.

You may have seen the commercials or seen their ad on other websites. I am talking about Rakuten (Formally E-Bates). Rakuten is a website/app/Chrome extension that PAYS YOU to online shop. You’re already online shopping anyways, why not get paid to do it?!?

Here is how it works:

  1. Go to the Rakuten app or website. Type in the store you want to shop at. (Literally, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of stores. Zulily, Jane, Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc.)
  2. Click the store name and proceed to the store’s website
  3. Shop like normal. Checkout on the store’s site like normal.
  4. Within a few days, you will have CASH in your Rakuten wallet. (The cash back amount varies by store. Some stores offer 1% while others offer 25%)
  5. Every 3 months, Rakuten will send you a check (or make a PayPal deposit) with your cash back!

It’s worth noting that if you are Chrome user, their extension is awesome and eliminates step 1 &2. You can navigate and shop like normal and the extension will do all the work automatically.

Whenever I do online shopping, I start at the Rakuten app. For example, I wanted to get QMonster a subscription to the National Geographic Kid’s magazine…I went to Rakuten and found that for Magazines.com they offer 25% cash back. I got paid 25% of the magazine subscription just for going through Rakuten’s app to get to the Nat Geo website! Any time I need to send flowers, I start on Rakuten because they offer 10% cash back for 1-800-Flowers. I needed to buy my friend a birthday gift….grabbed her some jewelry from Kate Spade and got $10.25 cash back! Anytime I plan on buying something on Wal-Mart, Target, Lowes, etc., esp a big item, I start on Rakuten’s app and get that cash back! You can also shop multiple stores at once using their website. This is a great way to shop around and check prices and make sure you are getting the best deal with the most cash back!

My latest cash back check.

Rakuten is also really good about doing special promotions and stores often offer 3x-10x their normal cash back rate. That means if you’re going to make a big purchase (think furniture, appliances, new wardrobe, etc.) and you time it right, you can get some major cash back for buying something you were already planning on purchasing! Rakuten will also tell you if they have a coupon code for the store you are shopping at so not only do you get cash back, you also get instant savings!

Like I said, this is not a scam. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. This won’t replace your full time income. BUT its an easy way to get some extra cash back in your wallet for buying things you already planned on purchasing. This month, I got a check for $18. 40. Not a whole heck of a lot but it’ll buy a round of margaritas! I’ve been a Rakuten user for over 2 years now. In just over 2 years, I have gotten over $250 back from Rakuten!

Alright. You have seven days to go do some online shopping before we kick off No Spend September…Sign up for Rakuten to get some $$$ back in your wallet. If you sign up using my referral link, you’ll get $30 back with your first purchase! For every friend you refer, you get $30!!! What are you going to buy with your free $30?

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