Dream Higher.

In last week’s post I mentioned that I was buckling down and refocusing the rest of 2020 on my word, PURSUE. I mentioned that I was focusing on 3 areas….my spouse, my weight, and the Hot Mess Momma Club! While I gave you a general idea of what all that is going to look like for me, I wanted to dedicate a post to my dream and what that means for HMMC.

I have a dream of making HMMC more than just a hobby. I want to create a mom group that women are drawn to because they see a fun and safe space to be REALLY real. I want to cultivate an enivornment for moms to come together and speak what is on their heart/mind without any fear of being judged. I want to create a support group of moms from all walks of life who can encourage and mentor moms going through similar situations. I want us to come together to laugh about our mayhem, cry about the momentous, and celebrate this glorious gift of motherhood. The club, which is centered around this page right here on the internet, is growing via our private Facebook group. Over there, we are not worried about the quantity of our members but of the quality of our friendships!

BUT! If the club is centered around this page then there has to be something going on over here too, right? THERE IS NOW! I recently did some surveying, chatting, and research and found that us mommas like to consume information via blog posts & videos NOT podcasts. What I found was that our members loved listening to the Carpool Chit Chat but you didn’t have the TIME. Makes total sense! What mom really has 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time each week that she can listen to an entire podcast episode? And if you do have quiet time, you are naturally drawn to picking up your cell and scrolling through social media rather than listening to a podcast. SOOOOO….our podcast, Carpool Chit Chat, is taking a backseat this semester while I focus on giving you consistent & quality blog posts that you can read in 5-10 minutes while you’re sitting at your son’s ball practice or laying in bed at 1am unable to sleep.

I am not sure what the future holds in regards to the podcast. I love recording it so I wouldn’t be surprised if I pick it back up BUT if the podcast isn’t the way to reach you, momma, then I will find the way through these posts! A lot of mommas mentioned they like watching videos….and maybe one day I will be comfortable on camera and try that out too….maybe being the key word there…. All that to say, for the remainder of 2020, I am focusing on http://www.HotMessMommaClub.com (& the FB group) and we will talk about videos, podcasts, and more in 2021!

Another part of my HMMC dream is to show moms that being a Hot Mess Momma isn’t bad. In fact, its awesome…and easier….It is a lot easier to be real than it is to put on a Pinterest Perfect front. I will be working on getting some kick a$$ Hot Mess Momma merch that you HAVE to have on the Swag Shop over the next coming months. I hope that you will display your Hot Mess Momma status with pride and show those wanna-be Pinterest mommas that we are having way too much fun over here to judge each other and when they’re ready to let go of the picture perfect front, we’re welcoming new members! 🙂

So…there you have it….a deeper explanation of what is going on around here and where I plan on leading this Hot Mess Momma Club to! If you’re ready to join me & become an official member of the HMMC, please sign up here. By joining the club, you’ll get FREE stuff on your birthday, a free gift when you join, and automatic entries to future exclusive contests. I promise I am not selling your information & I will not send you 27 emails a week…or month…or year. If you’re already a member, I encourage you to shop the Swag Shop & grab some HMM merch and display your Hot Mess Momma status with pride!

Comment & let me know what you think about the decision to focus on the blog rather than the podcast this year!

2 thoughts on “Dream Higher.

    1. Unfortunately, I’m on a steroid for my liver right now so it’s not going good….but hopefully once they get my liver fixed I’ll be back on track!


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