Starting 2020 Over!

I don’t know about you but for me 2020 hasn’t gone quite as I expected. Remember at the beginning of the year when we were full of optimism, goals, & dreams? Remember when I encouraged you to pick a word to focus 2020 around? Yeah, that was cute….2020 took a sharp left turn and all of that optimism, all of those goals, and that encouraging word went right out the window!

BUT we can start 2020 over NOW. With school starting back, whether online or in person, now is a great time to hit that reset button! Really its a great time….new routines are being formed, new supplies are being purchased, new way of doing school….all this NEW means it is time for some NEW changes for us mommas too!

With quarantine & summer, I really lost focus of my goals. I went into survival mode which meant my word “pursue” held no purpose in my life. From mid-March to August 1st I didn’t purse my diet….in fact I gained what I originally lost PLUS some. I didn’t purse my husband….who can go on a date night when you’re quarantined? I didn’t purse my dream of making the Hot Mess Momma Club something bigger….because I was too busy remodeling my home and learning how to educate my child. Of course, all of those are just excuses. I mean yes, life was/is hard, but if I REALLY wanted to I could have gotten creative and made the most of the trying time….but I didn’t and I can’t dwell on that. All I can do is pick myself up and put myself back on track.

So! Here I am. Back on track! For me, my 2020 word, Pursue, still holds true and still encompasses everything I want the rest of the year to be about. For you, due to the changing times, you may need a new word. Whichever you pick, old or new word, just write it down and let’s start planning how we’re gonna commit the rest of 2020 to that word!


For the rest of 2020 I am going to pursue my husband. I am going to make sure I am giving our marriage the effort it needs & deserves. From date nights to letting things go. This makes it sound like like JHub and I have a ton of problems….we don’t have have any more than a typical married couple have, at least I don’t think. I just recognize that marriage takes work and we’re in a season of needing a little bit more work.

For the rest of 2020 I am going to pursue my goal of losing weight. I want to ring in the new year 30lbs lighter. (Was 20…but again, quarantine 15 got me….). I have already started on this one by re-joining Weight Watchers (ahotmessmomma is my username, if you do WW, add me!)

For the rest of 2020 I am going to pursue my dream of making the Hot Mess Momma Club something bigger. I have a lofty dream here….its BIG but totally do-able. With that being said, don’t be surprised when you see me posting new products to the Swag Shop more frequently and posting blog posts more than once in a blue moon. It’s coming!

Alright….there you have it…I put all of my goals, dreams, hopes, wishes, and such out there on the world wide web….again…which means I gotta buckle down and stick to it so that I don’t have to come back here on 1/1/21 with my head hanging low. Now, I want to hear about your word & goals for the rest of 2020. Comment on this post or email me (LA at letting me know your word & goals. Even if our word and goals are totally different we can be accountability partners. We can cheer each other on, encourage each other, and celebrate when we crush the rest of 2020!

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