Momma’s Kitchen Essentials

You know those people who say they are no stranger to the kitchen? Yeah, I am not one of those people. The kitchen isn’t my place. I can’t cook. I don’t want to cook. I’m more of a eat out kinda girl. However, I do have a few kitchen items that I think are a MUST in every momma’s kitchen, regardless of kitchen skills….here goes:

  1. Rubber Sponges Traditional sponges are flat out nasty. They are wet, slimy, 3a0cd390-cb1b-4a4a-a83c-956c6711b1e1moldy, & germ filled! Traditional sponges are a one time use item for me….until I found these rubber sponges! These rubber sponges feature soft, yet effective, cleaning bristles that will get the gunk but not scratch the surface! You can easily wash the gunk off. They will last for a good long while (I’ve had mine since Christmas, and they are still just as good as day 1). The ones that I linked have a little loop at the top which makes them easy to hang anywhere (Think kitchen sink, under cabinets, etc.). They come in 3 fun colors which a pop of fun when you are cleaning is always welcomed! These sponges are round and about the size of your palm. The best part: LESS SOAP…Since these don’t absorb half your soap, you don’t have to use near as much! Hello cost savings!
  2. Silicone Bottle Scrubber QMonster takes a spill proof bottle full of V8 to school e820fad8-b703-4a25-83c3-80132866c67aevery day. Then he comes home with said bottle, throws it in the sink, and a few days later I get around to washing it. By then its funky. This little scrubber was a random stocking stuffer from my mom that has changed the game for me. This little gadget helps me get down in those bottles, where my hands don’t fit, and scrub the funk away. The silicone bristles are firm enough to get the job done but soft enough to keep from scratching surfaces. The silicone material also makes clean up a breeze. Everything just rinses right off! If you’re scared of getting your hand stuck in a Spider-Man water bottle, like me, then get yourself one of these and put that fear to rest!
  3. Copper Chef Frying Pan You’ve seen these on commercials, I know you have! If img_3174img_3172you are anything like me, every time you see an infomercial you think “yeah right, for two easy payments of 19.95 plus shipping and handling I can have a piece of junk laying around my house” but this is one of those “As Seen On Tv” products that actually WORKS. JHub mentioned wanting to try this pan out several times so I bought him one for Christmas. It worked so well that we got rid of all of our pots and pants and replaced them with the  entire Copper Chef set. You guys, cooking in these is easy peasy but the part that puts them in a HMM kitchen is the clean up. ITS A BREEZE. Bacon & hamburger grease washes off with a ease. I use one of the sponges mentioned above and NO ELBOW grease to clean these. Burnt food, no problem. Pasta that sat in the pot too long, easy peasy. Literally, everything just slides right off with ZERO scrubbing! I have the baking set on my Christmas wishlist and will gladly get rid of my traditional cookie sheet once I get this set! Every momma needs these pans, I swear!
  4. Stainless Steel Tumblers Listen, its no big secret that I LOVE stainless steel 1a10408b-a6d7-404b-b470-78a7880f8286tumblers. Yeti, Ozark, No Brand, whatever just give them to me. I want them in 30oz, 20oz, water bottle, and wine styles. I want them colored, glittered, and monogrammed. I LOVE these tumblers. I love them because they WORK. Pour your water, margarita, or diet coke in there and come back hours later and its STILL COLD…even if you are outside. Not to mention, no sweat or water rings! When Yeti blew up, these type of tumblers became all the rage. Now you can get them colored and personalized FOR CHEAP! I literally have an entire shelf full of these cups. I always have a cup of water with me and these cups ensure that I am not drinking room temperature water at 3pm. I also feel like I look more put together when I am carrying a nice cup instead of a random plastic Dasani bottle and sometimes its all about appearances because that’s as close as I’ll ever get to having my sh*t all together. I think every momma who spends time at the ball park needs to have a collection of these type water bottles for herself and her kiddos. And you mommas who reheat coffee 3x, just pour it in one of these cups…it’ll stay hotter a heck of a lot longer!

That’s it. My top 4 Kitchen Must Haves for a complete Hot Mess Momma kitchen! Do you have any of these already? Are you tempted to buy all of the items? Or Maybe you have a must have that I need to know about, let me know in the comments!


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