Avoiding Spring Broke

(JHub, this post is for you and since you FINALLY subscribed to the blog, I am hoping you will read it….Don’t worry, I am not telling everyone about how you ate a foiled wrapped chocolate and Q called you out on it. I am respecting your request to keep that silly mistake off the blog.)

Q & His Spring Break Side kick

This past week was QMonster’s first Spring Break. Q and I had a week full of fun. From the drive through safari park to the 4+ hours at the go-cart track, we had non-stop fun. During our fun, JHub was at work so I would text him pictures and videos of Q and I doing whatever fun activity we were up to at the time. At one point, I sent him a picture of Q with some animals and he wrote back “I bet Q loved that” and I literally got teary eyed. I realized that JHub was missing out on the fun. He was experiencing snippets of the fun, laughter, and smiles second hand. It was then that I realized I owe JHub a huge “thank you”.

So….Thank you, Jimmy, for working hard so that Q and I could spend a fun filled week together. Thank you for letting us crash your work trip and jet off to ride roller coasters after we dropped you off at work. Thank you for spending your days under the florescent lights of the office while we were out in the sunshine at the safari park. Thank you for making sure that Q got to spend his first Spring Break making memories out of town, instead of making momma go crazy at home.  Thank you for getting up early and putting on jeans while I slept in and eventually threw on leggings. Thank you for making sure Spring Break didn’t turn into “Spring Broke”.  While I hate you had to miss out on a majority of the fun, I am thankful you were able to take a day off and spend some quality family time with us. Thank you, JHub, for helping me making sure Q had a great first Spring Break.

Some Family Spring Break Time!

I hope everyone had a great Spring Break full of fun, adventure, and laughter. Whether you went on a week long vacation or had a chill stay-cation, I hope you and your crew were able to make memories that will last a lifetime. Now, we can start the countdown until the much anticipated SUMMER BREAK! (or  dreaded Summer Break…I mean a week at home as the primary entertainer was tough so I’m not sure if I am mentally equipped for 8 weeks….Year ’round school anyone?!?)


2 thoughts on “Avoiding Spring Broke

  1. Just want you to know how awesome my trip to Birmingham was. And to know that Quin made a great adjustment to me interrupting mommy and me times. Every time he called me nana was a special moment for me. Thanks for everything. Leah, jimmy and Q. Love ❤️ nana

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