Crowned Up: A Stay-Cation

I hate the dentist. Like flat out HATE. Just thinking about going to the dentist gives me anxiety. No lie, I have to get the “happy gas” just to get my teeth cleaned. I ALWAYS tear up when I get in the chair. Don’t ask me why…I think its just my nerves.  I gag like no other. It takes me 15 tries to do the darn x-rays because I am gagging so much. I try so hard but I just can’t go to the dentist like a big girl. The other day I had an appointment to get a new crown and while I was sitting in the parking lot waiting for my appointment time (because I hate the dentist so obvs I am not going in early) I realized that maybe I am actually becoming a big girl in regards to the dentist.  I’ll explain…2

A dentist appointment for a crown before I became a mom: 

  • Scheduled several weeks out from the original appointment where they told me I needed a crown
  • Spend the days before the appointment stressing out about it
  • Appointment would be scheduled for later in the day so I could sleep in & have enough time to calm my nerves
  • Take the entire day off work because I would need a full afternoon to recover and deal with the pain
  • Stock up on yummy ice cream and “soft” foods because duh I wasn’t going to be able to eat
  • Call my mom no less than 4 times before the appointment freaking the F out
  • Show up to the appointment in my PJs so I could crash as soon as I got back home
  • Cry and whine about the pain for the 48 hours

A dentist appointment for a crown after I became a mom: 

Listening to MY music!!
  • Appointment scheduled for 5 days after the original appointment because I need to get it done before Christmas break so that Q will be at school and I don’t have to worry about childcare.
  • Didn’t think about the appointment until the night before when I reminded JHub he had to take Q to school the next morning
  • Appointment set for 7:15am because I am a busy mom who needs to get things done later in the day and I get to push carpool duty off on to JHub for the day!
  • Go to work immediately following the appointment- numb and all
  • Eat a soft taco for lunch and tell JHub to bring home some fried rice and donuts from the local Chinese joint for dinner
  • Called mom once but not to b*tch about the dentist appointment
  • Wore my best leggings and t-shirt
  • Took 2 Advil at lunch and 2 Tylenol PM at dinner and sucked it up

See?!? Like I said, I am growing up and maturing in regards to the dentist. Don’t get me wrong, I am still going to gag like crazy and I am still going to shed a tear or two and I am still going to get doped up on “happy gas”. However, as a mom, I am starting to realize that an hour spent high on “happy gas” while listening to my iTunes isn’t so bad after all. It was quiet, I didn’t have to do anything except lay there, I listened to MY music instead of Christmas Kidz Bop or Sports Talk. I mean heck, in the mom world, dentist appointments qualify as a mini staycation!

Tell me momma, what mini stay-cation have you taken lately?



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