Throwing Up Grace


As much as I don’t want to, I have to admit I yelled this as QMonster sat in my bed throwing up what seemed like a gallon of chocolate milk. Nobody wants to be scolded when they are throwing up. I know this. Looking back, I should have ran over, scooped him up, carried him to the bathroom and rubbed his back as his lost his milk in the toilet.

That isn’t what I did though. Instead I yelled and got upset that he threw up all over my white comforter in my bed. He is old enough to know that he was going to be sick. He SHOULD have gone to the bathroom. However, I am old enough to know that yelling doesn’t solve anything and that I SHOULD have helped him before scolding him.

Fast forward a few days later when I caught the bug that Q had previously….

“Momma are you ok? Are you sick, Momma? Momma are you throwing up?”

All said in the sweetest little voice by my precious boy as I am doubled over the toilet. Not only was he saying words of comfort but he was rubbing my back and when I looked up at him and told him to go sit on the couch and I would be right there he pushed a piece of hair out of my face and said “Don’t worry, momma, I won’t leave ’til you’re better.”

You guys, my 5 year old showed me GRACE when I deserved none. I got MAD at him earlier in the week for getting sick and here he was comforting me when I was getting sick. Granted I didn’t throw up in his bed all over his comforter but still I didn’t set a good example a few days earlier of what TO do when someone gets sick but somehow he still knew what to do and he did it. He took the high road. He was kind when I was mean. He was comforting when I was harsh. He was full of grace and I was full of regret. defined Grace best–Some people don’t deserve it but that is what grace is; undeserved favor.

So there is my short and sweet story of how a bit of throw up & my 5 year old taught me a lesson on GRACE.


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