Get Real!

You guys! It is time to get real. I mean REALLY REAL. I want to be really freaking honest with you. I want to let you in on some secrets in my life. I want to go beyond the highlight reels you see on my Book, Gram, & Snap feeds. I am going to start using this blog as a platform for other moms in situations similar to mine to find comfort in knowing that a) they are not alone and b) it is ok not to hide behind the highlights.

What am I talking about? I’ll get to that in a second. First, I want us all to agree that The Book, The Gram, and The Ghost are all just highlight reels. Think back to that last picture you posted. I bet it was one of your kiddo dressed super cute, grinning ear to ear, while enjoying some family fun activity. What was missing from the picture? The argument you and your spouse just had? The messy house? The last dollar you spent to enjoy said activity? The anxiety attack you had while trying to get everyone ready and out the door on time? The stress that comes with motherhood? The tears due to some bad news you got?  Whatever was missing, whatever was beyond those smiles, whatever you didn’t want to broadcast to the world…it is ok….I know you have life secrets that are not to be displayed on your Social Media highlight reel.

I know the social media norm is to post the good. New car, raises, cute kids, engagements, family vacations, pets, new house….all of the GOOD stuff goes on social media. All of the highlights. All of the brag worthy things. All of the posts to give the illusion that everything is A-Ok! Very rarely will you find someone who is just flat out honest. Sure, people post about their breakups, lost jobs, or occasional drama but most of the time those posts are not 100% authentic or are posted by those people who actually thrive on attention even if that means using negativity to get it. You know you have 1 or 3 folks on your feed who do this…post vague statuses eluding to the fact that things may or may not be ok at home. I think there are 2 reasons why those people do this…a) just to get some sort of comment/reaction attention from their “friends” or b) because they deep down WANT to tell the whole truth but the unwritten rules of Social Media tells them not to. (Just my opinion, we can agree to disagree on this point)

My most recent FB post….What is missing? I’ll tell you soon!


So what exactly am I talking about? Why am I being one of those vague social media posters I just b*tched about? I am talking about the fact that I have been hiding behind the highlights. I am owning the fact that I am guilty of faking smiles for pictures. I am admitting the fact that lately my life has been less than Pinterest-Perfect and I haven’t been completely open about that…Until Now.

After an encouraging conversation with my dear friend, Heather, I am ready to turn this blog into more than just a site full of funny stories (Though, my life is a hot freakin’ mess for real so ridiculous stories like my recent bathroom debacle will still be ever present!). I am ready to share some pieces of my real (read: not social media facade) life. I am ready to talk about my real emotions. I am ready to relate and connect to other mommas who are going through tough sh*t and need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, or a friend to laugh with.  Along with my Organized Chaos series, I am starting a new series called Beyond The Highlight Reel. BTHR will detail out my experiences and emotions surrounding Adoption, Special Needs, and Motherhood.

So, grab a bottle of wine, a box of tissues, and your iPad….it’s time to Get Real!


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