Organized Chaos–Part 2

“MOMMMMMMM Can I have a snack?” I know I am not the only one who hates this question. Mainly because the answer is pretty much always “Yes” and because the question ALWAYS comes at the worst time possible….I.E. when I’m in the bathroom, when my arms are full of laundry, when I just sat down on the couch to finally relax, when I am scrubbing toilets, etc. The question is NEVER asked when I am standing in the kitchen digging through the snacks myself. I had to figure out a solution for this. I needed this bit of chaos to end. Thus, the snack center was born.

Snacks! Snacks! Snacks! Snacks for everybody!

Our snack center is a 3 tier shelf unit that matches our decor and sits in the corner in the kitchen. It holds all of QMonster’s favorite snacks. The thought process is that he doesn’t have to ask, he can just help himself; eliminating the need for the snack question to come up at inopportune times.

Our snack center if full of Annie’s Popcorn, Applesauce pouches, Fig bars, Annie’s fruit snacks, Freeze dried fruit,  Jif Peanut Butter cups & Pretzel Crisps. I have strategically placed the items…similar to the shopping strategy grocery stores use…I place the items I want him to have the most on the top and work my way down. The top is full of popcorn & applesauce, the middle section has the fig bars and fruit snacks, and the bottom has the pretzels and peanut butter.

Whenever QMonster wants a snack, he can walk over and grab whatever he wants. This helps him foster some independence and makes sure he isn’t going for chocolate as a snack (Which I have placed in the top cabinet and he has to ask for so I can control his chocolate intake). Our snack center has also been a huge hit with our friend’s kids. They know that they can just help themselves to whatever snacks are in the snack center.

Here are a few examples of carts I considered when figuring out my snack center. I actually found the one pictured while walking through our local Home Goods and decided it fit the bill. The only thing I would change is I wish I had some way to label the baskets…mainly so it would look super Type A organized.

While this isn’t a huge idea, that changes your world, it is a huge help in controlling the chaos. Let me know, do guys have a snack center in your house?


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