Boxing Up Savings

You know those annoying “Sponsored” Facebook ads that are randomly inserted into your newsfeed? Yeah, I am not a fan either…but occasionally some strategic marketing will lure me in and I’ll take the [click] bait. Recently, one of those clicks paid off and I discovered something really cool…


You guys! is an online version of Sam’s Club or Costco. Its bulk shopping at discounted prices. The main differences are 1)that you don’t have to fight the other minivan mommas for the last jumbo size box of Cheese-Its and 2)No membership fees!!!! is changing the game for moms like me.

I have been a member of both Costco and Sam’s. I actually swapped from Sam’s to Costco this time last year due to my sh*tty shopping experiences at Sam’s. Costco was my jam! It was clean, the employees were friendly, and the selection was pretty great too..Not to mention an in house liquor store…that sealed the deal…..until I discovered The one thing that was the same at Costco and Sam’s was the CROWD. It is always so darn chaotic. I always feel so anxious when I attempt a trip to The Club….It starts in the parking lot…Fighting 600 other SUVs for a parking spot…feeling sweet victory when you finally get one…showing your card to get in some exclusive “club”…getting a buggy the size of a smart car and navigating the congested aisles in search of a bulk sized bargain…steering your smart car cart to the checkout…unloading and reloading your bulk size boxes in and out of your cart….fighting said crowd to get the $1.50 hot dog combo and trucking it back to your SUV to load all of your bulk size boxes into the back of your minivan. Literally, if it were not for the sample carts & cheap adult beverages there would be NOTHING enjoyable about a trip to Costco/Sam’s. That is where saves the day….NO MASS CHAOS, no over crowded parking lots, no loading and unloading carts, no kids putting their grubby fingers all over the samples, no rude cashiers. Its all online! You can get bulk sized bargains IN YOUR PJS WHILE SIPPING AN ADULT BEVERAGE!

My first order…36lbs shipped FREE!

When I first stumbled upon this no-membership fee required discount “store” I thought it was too good to be true so I whipped out my most recent Costco receipt and found that everything I had purchased was AT LEAST the same price, if not cheaper! What?!? You mean I’ve been PAYING to be a member of a “club” that charges me more for the goods too?!? I am talking about $1-$4 cheaper PER ITEM. That adds up to serious savings!

Ok, I thought….They’ll get me on the shipping. That is where the savings will negate themselves and we will be on a level playing field…WRONG….Your first order ships FREE and all orders after that qualify for FREE shipping once you spend $49 (Which, let’s be real, that isn’t hard to do AT ALL!). My second order came in 2 HUGE boxes totaling over 50lbs and it was shipped the next business day via UPS 2 day to me FOR FREE! has all of the essentials…Bath/Body, Cleaning supplies, Groceries, Pets, Home, & even Travel! Not to mention a great selection on dye free/organic groceries which is a huge plus for us! They offer samples with every order & have a nice sale section that rotates pretty frequently. They also ship their goods in fun bright pink boxes. I mean seriously, who doesn’t want to open the door and see a fun pink box full of delish snacks?!? I also found that their customer service was pretty sweet…They included a hand written personalized note in each order. Much better than the b*tchy cashiers I was dealing with at “The Club”!


I can’t tell you how much I love using I have decided NOT to renew my Costco membership next month (Saving me $60/year!). Instead, I will order my bulk size box of Annie’s Toasted Pastries from the comfort of my couch & will let JHub drag carry (Because he is the strongest man I know…#BrowniePoints) the 50lb boxes in from the front door straight to the kitchen (much better than making 6 trips up and down the stairs bringing up boxes from the car in the garage).

Let’s save some money together! Use this link: BOXED.COM to get $15 off your first order of $60 or more! Groceries delivered to your doorstep! What a time to be alive!


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  1. One day, my darling granddaughter, you will be published!! Granny knows. You can give up your day job, stay in your Jammie’s and write blogs funnies stories or whatever. Love ❤️

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