Last Monday was the Monday-iest of Mondays to ever Monday! Literally…it was a true Monday. A Monday that proved why Mondays get such a bad rap. A Monday from H*ll if you will.

It started out pretty typical. I got QMonster up and ready for school. He had a mini freak out because it was “red day” at school and his green tennis shoes didn’t match his red shirt. (Lord help my wallet if he is going to be one of those guys that wants 6 pairs of $100 tennis shoes every time his foot grows) After getting over that mini issue, we were on our way to school. After morning drop off, I came back home and got ready. All in all, things are going pretty smooth at this point. We’re on the fast track to a decent day.

JHub and I had some personal business to handle on the other side of the world so around 9am we made the 2 hour long car ride to the other side of the world to handle said business. We got to our destination early so we had a nice lunch date and walked around the local mall. Again, still going good….While shoe shopping for JHub and QMonster, my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and of course it was the school. JUST MY LUCK. Cue 180 turn to crap-tastic Monday…. I answer it, expecting a “your child is having issues at school today” but instead was greeted by the school nurse informing me that QMonster was having trouble breathing and was requesting his nebulizer. Of course, the day that I am 2 hours away QMonster needs me. Just my freaking luck. Luckily, my mom was off work due to my niece getting tubes put in. (Shout out to Baby Hadley, she is doing just fine thanks for asking!) My mom pulled the ultimate hero stunt and went to our house, got the asthma supplies, and went to the school and administered said supplies. (Thanks mom!!) Q was able to go back to class and finish out his day. I, of course, am feeling like a sh*tty mom because I know my kid has asthma and didn’t have an inhaler at the school already. I’m also feeling guilty that he was in the nurse’s office and I, his momma, wasn’t the one to come and be his hero. Overall, I just felt like a crappy momma.

JHub and I moved forward and went to handle our business. While waiting for said business to be handled, he gets a text from a co-worker telling him that some stuff went down at work. Long story short, a guy came to work on his own free will and left in hand cuffs. Of course, the day that JHub isn’t in the office some serious stuff goes down at work. He starts feeling like a crap-tastic boss. His phone is ringing off the hook, he is needed on a conference call despite the fact that he is on PTO. 600 emails are needing his attention like RIGHT THIS MINUTE. All the while, he is stuck in an office with limited access to his phone. Oh joy, JHub is on the fast track to a crappy Monday with me…. The business we went to handle ended up taking WAY longer than expected and we didn’t get the business handled perfectly but we were finally able to head back home around 3:45. (Thanks Mom, Again, for sitting in that horrible car rider line and getting QMonster from school.) We made the 2 hour drive home without issue.

Once we got home, things were pretty typical. Signing school folders, packing Qs lunch box for Tuesday, getting outfits for “orange day” ready, etc. We did bedtime and called it a night. On my way to bed, I found that Q was having serious breathing issues. I gave him a breathing treatment and went to bed. Around 2am he wakes up in a coughing fit. Him and I moved to the couch so JHub could get some sleep and did another breathing treatment. Back to sleep. Again, he wakes up at 5:30am in a coughing fit. Another breathing treatment.

Around the 2am mark, I realized this wasn’t going to be an easy asthma attack and we need to bring out the big guns..aka the steroid. Of course, I don’t have any steroid on hand and the doctor won’t call it in without seeing us. I know what you are thinking…No big deal, Leah…take some PTO and take your kiddo to the doctor. Welllll…let’s see…I took PTO on Thursday so I could cry all day while Q attended his first day of Kindergarten. I was already off on Friday. I took PTO on Monday to handle our business. So yeah, I’ve been out of the office for 3 working days and my work has piled up. Not to mention, my work was so gracious with me and allowed me to spend some extra time at home with QMonster during the summer and this week was supposed to start my first week back in the office. Just my luck! I had to email my boss at 5am letting him know I have a sick kid and need to work from home so I can take care of him.

Yes, I whole heartily agree that family is more important than work. Yes, I agree that QMonster being healthy is more important than work. Yes, I realize its a no brainer and not worth stressing about. However,  I am very Type A and very sensitive. I worry too much. I stress about everything. I don’t want to disappoint or let people down. I worry about my boss being mad at me (Which he may be, but he is too nice to show it). 

Overall, it was just another Monday in the life of a Hot Mess Momma. I have the most un-breathe-liveable (See what I did there?) luck. That whole saying “If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all” seems to ring true around my house. Also, big hugs to my fellow asthma mommas. The asthma season is coming and I know the long nights full of coughing and wheezing are near. I can recommend some killer eye cream to hide those dark circles we both know we have!

So, Happy Monday folks! May today be a good one!


One thought on “Un-Breathe-liveable

  1. Wow. What can I say. I’m in the same body with stress and worry. And I don’t have a hub or kiddos. Think I make most of my stress. What if!! Etc.


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