A few weeks back I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across an advertisement for a birthday cake cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory. I sent the picture to my mom and sister declaring we HAD to get our hands on this delish looking treat! A few days later I invited them to go shopping and finish off the trip with lunch at CF to get the prized cheesecake. AJ, my sister, declined but my mom and I forged ahead.

The “Celebration Cheesecake”

–This story includes dates and times that are relevant to the story, not just filler details, I promise!–

On Saturday July 29th we went shopping and had lunch at Cheesecake Factory. At the end of our lunch, the waiter asked if we wanted to see a cheesecake menu. I inquired about the Funfetti cheesecake. He totally popped my bubble and said it wouldn’t be released until the 30th for “National Cheesecake Day”. Uhm, ok…that is tomorrow…which means you have the darn thing in the back…just give us a piece since we are here…but NOOOOO. We got Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cheesecake and left disappointed.

Around 3pm on Sunday, I couldn’t stop thinking about the cheesecake. QMonster and I were bored so I decided we would make the 30 minute trip across town to get some cheesecake. Around 3:12 I called just to confirm that the prized cheesecake would be there when I got there. The lady told me that yes, in fact, the cheesecake was there but she didn’t know how much was left. With the threat of low supply, I ended up placing a to-go order.

Time Stamped Proof

After circling the parking lot for 10 minutes, QMonster and I parked the car. According to my “Check In” on Facebook, we were walking into CF at 3:39pm. When we walk in, there is a line at the to-go counter. Not just any line, but a LONG ASS FUCKING line. Ok OK Ok …We’ll wait. FINALLY…. after 30 minutes…we get to the checkout. I tell the worker that I have a to-go order. She points to the cash register next to her and says “Go to this line”. Ok, I am irritated at this point because seriously?!? Just grab my order and let me get the F out of here. I wait another few minutes and the people behind me start getting their orders and leaving BEFORE me. Uhm?!? I placed a to-go order and walk-ins are leaving before me?!? So I ask the lady if I can just order with her and she IN THE RUDEST TONE POSSIBLE says “You can wait in line and order with me.” uhm?!? why would I do that? I already waited in line!

Notice the time stamp….

At 4:15pm, it is my turn “at the next cash register”. I tell the guy I have a to-go order. He tells me that there was a “system issue” and they lost our order so I have to re-order (4:20pm when I re-order). Of course, my initial thought it “then why didn’t that lady take my order 15 minutes ago?!?!” but I say nothing and give the guy my order. Rather than taking my order and hurrying to fill it, my order then gets placed AT THE BOTTOM OF THE STACK. I literally had to wait ANOTHER 10 minutes in the mass chaos for my 4 pieces of cheesecake. Mind you, QMonster is with me and he brought in zero electronics because it was going to be a “quick run in” and he has had to stand the entire time because the only sitting option was the floor. Literally we both are at the point of breaking down and going ballistic. Now I know, at any point we could have walked out but seriously we committed to the cheesecake. We drove across town. We stood in line. We were NOT leaving until we had the damn cheesecake!

QMonster, myself, and our 4 pieces of cheesecake walked out of the Cheesecake Factory at 4:31pm. We spent 1 hour standing in line FOR A TO-GO ORDER of cheesecake. ONE HOUR. Between the wait, the rude employees, and the total chaos I was one mad BWord when we left. However, I got what I went for! VICTORY!

Me and prized cheesecake!

No, I didn’t eat all 4 pieces…QMonster got a chocolate cheesecake and I gave a piece to my mom and a piece to my sister so you can quit with the fat shaming thoughts! The “Celebration Cheesecake” is GOOD. REALLY GOOD. I don’t know if I would fight another chaotic trip to CF to get it, but it is REALLY REALLY good. I guess it’s called the Celebration Cheesecake because you celebrate once you FINALLY get your hands on it!

**Updated 8/18/17–The day I typed this post up (7/31/17), I copied and pasted my post and submitted it to the Cheesecake Factory’s website just to log my complaint. I didn’t hear back from them….until 8/17. The manager called and apologized for my experience and offered to send me a gift card for my trouble. All is forgiven, CF…assuming the gift card actually shows up….Thanks for trying to make things right! **


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