I Don’t Want My Son To Start Kindergarten

QMonster starts school on August 10th. I can’t lie…I am just not excited about it. I literally had to coach myself to hold it together in Belk’s Boy’s section during Tax Free Weekend. I almost broke down AGAIN in Hibbets when QMonster was trying on his “big boy school shoes”.  Go ahead and call me crazy. You can tell me I am over-attached and need to cut the cord. Whatever. I don’t care. I’m not excited about Q going to school. Here are 5 reasons why I’m NOT looking forward to Q starting school in a few short days…

  1. The thought of my little 5 year old baby wondering the halls of the “big kid school” surrounded by, well, big kids just makes my stomach turn. I just picture my blonde hair blue eyed boy with an over-sized backpack wondering around a building lost and confused and scared. I picture my little bitty baby balancing this big ol lunch tray full of icky “school food” trying to find a place to sit. All of it just makes me sad and nervous as ever.
  2. I have also grown so accustom to our Fridays off together. We have spent almost every single Friday together for the past 2.5 years and quite frankly I am not ready to give that up.  We go to the local science museum on Fridays. We go to the local parks on Fridays.  We go to the “red prize store” (aka Target) on Fridays. We eat lunch off the sample carts at Costco on Fridays. We do all sorts of FUN things on Friday and now we can’t because he has to go to school on Fridays.
  3. If he isn’t feeling well then we declare a sick day and I stay home and snuggle him. No questions asked. Now, each time he is sick I have to run to the germ filled pediatrician’s office & pay $30 for a golden ticket (aka a doctor’s excuse) so Q (and myself) won’t get in trouble for him missing school that day.
  4. Our evenings are filled with play time, dinner time, and bath time before declaring it to be bed time. We “hang out” in the evenings and its [mostly] fun. Now we will need to give up some of our fun hang out time up in exchange for homework time. While rolling Hot Wheels around on the floor does get a little mundane after a short few minutes, I’d much rather make pretend car noises then have us both getting frustrated while Q sounds out the word “Cat”.
  5. Right now, we schedule our lives around our lives. Our only schedules that we must abide by are our work schedules. Three people + 2 schedules = manageable. Now we add another schedule into the mix. One more deadline. One more place that we MUST be at by a certain time before being declared “late”. One more schedule we must consult before scheduling a vacation, doctor’s appointment, or activity.

Yes, I have read the words I have written. Yes, I realize that most all of these items are about ME, my feelings, and my needs and not about QMonster himself. Of course, I want Quin to go to school. I want Q to get a good education. I want him to get a sense of independence. I want Q to make friends and have fun. Still, he is my first child. My baby. My only child. My world. I’m just not ready for him to grow up.

If you need me on August 10th, I’ll be the mom in the grey Ford Escape sitting the school parking lot all day with a pair of binoculars and a box of tissues watching Q through the windows. KIDDING….TOTALLY KIDDING….I’ll be at Target. See ya in the Clearance section!


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