Party like its 1987

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Leah. Happy Birthday to you!

Well the big 3-0 has come and gone. Now I am just back to my normal routine except a year older and probably with a few more gray hairs. In true Type A Leah fashion, I planned a fun party to ring in 30. Yes, you read that right….I planned my own birthday party. Anyone who knows me isn’t surprised by this though. I am a planner. I love to plan a good theme party. I don’t like surprises. I figure in order to do what I want to do for my birthday, I had to plan it myself.  So I did. And it was exactly what I wanted.

JHub and I! 

The theme was “Taco Bout A Party” and was full of cactus, hot pink, gold glitter, and hints of turquoise. I found the most perfect invites on Etsy. Of course, my outfit fit the theme too! I had a cactus dress from my favorite local boutique Frou Frou. I topped the outfit off with a gold crown. It was petite, with a glitter 30 on it, and placed on a wire headband. My shoes rounded out the outfit…just simple hot pink sandals with a small heel.

I have a favorite local Mexican restaurant. I go eat dinner with a friend at said place every other Thursday. They have an awesome outdoor patio eating area, live music almost all of the time, and margaritas that are strong! Since I love this place so much, it made sense that this would be my party venue. They have two patios, a large one and a smaller side patio. The restaurant graciously gave me and my guests the side patio to party on.


My sister, AJ, is amazingly talented when it comes to cake decorating. I found a few cake ideas on Pinterest and she delivered the vision. I had a tall hot pink cake with a glitter “Thirty” banner on the top and small cupcakes with glitter cactus, margaritas, and limes on them. When it came time to blow out the candles, which happened pretty early on thanks to the Alabama heat melting my perfect cake, I found some tall skinny white candles with flecks of gold glitter on them from Etsy. ( Cake Topper, Cupcake Toppers-Margaritas and Limes, Cupcake Toppers – Cactus, Candles). AJ served the cake on cute cactus paper plates I found on Amazon (because you can find literally EVERYTHING on Amazon!) accompanied with hot pink Happy Birthday (in gold foil) napkins!

The Cake, Cupcakes, Plates, and Napkins!

JHub and I went back and forth about what to serve at the party. I initially thought a taco bar would be fun but JHub pointed out that the party was at 7 and some people would have already eaten and other people might want something else so we decided to do cheese dip and guacamole scattered on the tables and pick up the bar tab. I think this option worked out perfectly.

JHub lighting the candles!

As far as entertainment, the restaurant hired a local musician. He played some great tunes and as he finished up, they bravely let me on the stage with the mic and to sing a fan favorite “Love In Your Mouth” (Yep, I am proud to say I know all the words to that one….Classy, I know!). After we finished up at dinner, some people headed home (Shout out to my momma for taking QMonster home at this point….) but others of us continued on to a local karaoke bar/hole in the wall. Some people sang, some people sobered up, some people danced, some people just counted down til it was time to go home…

QMonster showing off the party favors!

Of course I couldn’t let my guests go without a party favor. I found a lady on Etsy who made gumball tubes. She didn’t have any Fiesta type listing but she was happy to do a custom order. The gumballs were the party colors and the tag on them had a cactus with the words “30 blows”. They were cute and everyone liked them.

Overall it was a GREAT party. I had a lot of fun! I enjoyed celebrating with 25+ of my closest friends and family. I am so thankful that I am surrounded by so many people who love me. Everyone who came made me feel like a birthday queen that night! Overall it was a great party and I hope everyone who attended had a great time too! Thanks to everyone for the birthday love. From the gifts to the sweet messages, the day was perfect!


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  1. Loved the info on you party. Sounded just great. Thanks for the email. Life is just a little more exciting living it thru you !!

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