Checking In

Hey fellow Hot Mess Mommas! Remember back in January when we decided we would pick a word or a phrase to center 2017 around? How is that going for you? Are you still reminding yourself of your word/phrase? Are you seeing a difference? Did you completely give up and are just focused on surviving at this point?

I chose the word “Enough” as my 2017 focus. I struggle with feeling like I am enough. I am so hard on myself and if things are not exactly Pinterest-worthy perfect I feel inadequate. I constantly wonder if I am the best mom for QMonster or the best wife I can be for JHub. I struggle with comparing myself to other people’s social media life. I am constantly in the mirror criticizing my body, outfit, makeup, and overall appearance. While the rational side of me knows this is all silly and of course I am a good mom & wife. Of course, my life is perfectly imperfect but its mine and I am so blessed. I still can’t help it…sometimes I just slip. Thus the word “Enough” felt like the perfect fit for my 2017 focus.

In late February, I had a Keep Collective bracelet made with Enough engraved on it. I wear the bracelet daily in hopes that I can look down, read the word, think deeply about the meaning, and push those inadequate thoughts away. I am type A and OCD and just want everything to go as I perfectly planned. Often times, when things go “wrong”, I get the “not enough” feels. I focus on my bracelet. I trace the word. I think deeply about the word and try to focus on what I can control and all of the “good”.

We are a little over 100 days into the year. A third of the year is gone. I still need the word. Even after 100 days, my mindset hasn’t changed. That is ok. I have over 200 more days to re-focus and change my thinking habits. Who knows, maybe this will be my long-term multi-year word and focus.

If you didn’t select a word/phrase, that is ok. Its not too late! Think deeply about your life and your life goals and pick a word/phrase that can help you focus on your goals. Maybe you have super succeeded with your word/phrase and you need to shift your focus. That works too! Move on to the next word and re-focus yourself! Or, maybe you are like me and nowhere near as focused on your word/phrase as you’d like to be. That is ok too! Here is your reminder to re-focus on your goals and visions for 2017. No matter what, remember why you selected the word/phrase and do what you can to center yourself around that word and its meaning to you.

I hope your first third of 2017 has been full of love, laughter, smiles, and blessings. I hope the remainder of your 2017 year is full of love, laughter, smiles, and blessings.


2 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. This spoke to me, it’s always nice to hear another person struggles with the same things, makes you feel a little less tiny in our big world! I just started my blog today after months of debating, I decided I was enough to do it finally, what a perfect blog to stumble upon!

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