Hot Mess Momma Day

Last Thursday I celebrated HMM Day…Not to be confused with Mother’s Day…I declared Thursday March 30th “Hot Mess Momma Day” and I celebrated big time! Between work, home, and all the in between, I was feeling a bit run down. I just felt like I needed some peace and quiet and de-stressing time. I decided I would take a PTO day and spend the day with myself. Y’all, it was glorious.

Dressed & ready for the day!

So, QMonster is like me and thrives on consistency. He needs to know what to expect in his day and doesn’t really go with the flow if things are disrupted. Knowing this, I knew I had to trick him on my HMM day or he would suspect something was up and foil my plans. So, I set my alarm for 5:30 like normal (Even pressed snooze a few times to make it really realistic), got up and did my normal morning routine, got dressed (in a dress & sweater….no details are too fine for QMonster) , got Q dressed, and rushed us out the door talking about work and school…I even hurried him along talking about how we were running late…just for good measure. After I got him to school, I went back home. I put my face on and headed to the local Starbucks for a delish breakfast including a Refresher and some not-so-diet-friendly pastry. After my breakfast, I had a LipSense demo (at the Starbucks) and met with a new customer. It was nice to be working and having some social interaction but not really feel like work because hello! we’re playing in makeup and that is FUN!

After the demo, I headed to Target because DUH! If you are going to take a HMM Day, you must include Target in your schedule. I leisurely walked up and down the aisles. I didn’t look at a list. I didn’t stop in the toy section. I did find some pretty sweet lamps on clearance for 70% off making them less than $25 for the pair…which was great until I discovered they needed some Edison bulb that cost me $22 for the pair…so not really sure if I got a good deal or not…..I attempted to purchase some new undies (because trying to buy those with QMonster in tow is nothing less than embarrassing) buttttt Target decided to hold its morning team meeting in the freaking bra/panty section?!? Literally a team of 10 or so were circled around the intimates section. I really didn’t want to be digging through the panty bins while listening to Margret pep her team up and coach them on cleaning up the store….so I headed towards the back of the intimates section (away from the crowd of team members) and bought a pack of panties…seriously…you know you’ve hit middle age when you purchase a pack of Hanes panties…ugh….whatever….Nonetheless, I went to Target and it was quiet and I didn’t spend 27 minutes in the Hot Wheels aisle debating which toy QMonster “had to have” this trip.

After Target, I strolled through TJMaxx because I thought I needed some new clothes. I picked through the racks and took 6 tops to the dressing room. A few minutes later I left with nothing but some guilt for eating that damn pastry a few hours prior.

I had an 11am massage appointment. When I arrived, the masseuse asked me if I needed anything particular and I said “Just silence, please” …90 minutes of PURE SILENCE…you guysssssss…..the massage, the hot stones, the steamed towels, the sugar foot scrub…oh my goodness I was in Hot Mess Momma Heaven. It was straight perfection. I didn’t want it to end. 90 minutes seems like FOREVER when you’re watching a Peppa Pig marathon but 90 minutes goes by in a flash when you’re in the massage room.

My lunch!

After I left heaven, aka the spa, I headed next door to a Mexican restaurant.  This place wasn’t my typical go-to for ‘ritas butttt they had some liquid gold and I was a-ok with lowering my standards for one day only. The waiter asked me if I wanted a small or medium…of course I said medium…which he rewarded me with a half smile….probably confused why I literally floated in there, dressed in work attire, smelling like citrus massage oil and ordered a medium margarita in the middle of a Thursday work day. Nonetheless, I slurpped my big ol ‘rita down and cleaned my nacho plate before heading home.

My ‘rita made me tired so I said “Nope” to my next task which was tagging Q’s clothes for a consignment sale and took a quick nap. After my nap, it was my normal time to pick up Q so I headed to the school and finished out the act like I had been at work all day.

All Done!

My Hot Mess Momma Day was complete perfection. I plan to keep this tradition alive and shoot for twice a year…hell maybe once a quater…I had fun. I enjoyed the silence. I enjoyed doing whatever I wanted. I enjoyed not worrying about my diet, my chores and to-dos, or my routine. To often, us moms spend our PTO days on school holidays, family vacations, and kiddo sick days…however, we need to save one or two of those PTO  days for ourselves and spend a day doing whatever we want! Treat yourself to a mini stay-cation & call it Hot Mess Momma Day!


4 thoughts on “Hot Mess Momma Day

  1. I could do that once a month. It just sounds great. Anything to reduce stress of getting older, paying bills and numerous dr visits. You go girl. Another really great blogg


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