You A Hot Mess

Y’all, I am a HOT MESS. I don’t try to fight it. I don’t try to hide it. I just own it and go with it. Honestly, when I am out in public, I very rarely notice another Hot Mess Momma. Occassionaly, I’ll see a mom going through a Hot Mess moment and think to myself “She deserves a drink.” or “Thank goodness it’s not just mine that acts like a fool in public”. I never judge or think badly of the momma because I know what she is going through and it sucks. Whether it be a tantrum in the middle of the Target toy section, kiddo’s face covered in dirt, or changing a diaper in the back of the van…whatever the Hot Mess Momma moment may be, I am immune to them. I just silently salute the momma and move on.

However, last night this all changed. I witnessed a Hot Mess Momma moment and y’all I just couldn’t peel my eyes away. I did judge. I thought to myself “Lady, you are not winning Mom of the Year this year”. I literally couldn’t believe what I saw. Alright, here is the story:

I was having my weekly ‘ritas and cheese dip with my friend Katie. There was a table next to us that was your average family. Mom and 12ish year old daughter on one side with dad and 10ish year old brother across from them. Their table is covered in taco plates, baskets of chips, little dishes of salsa, cups of water and sodas. The girl has her earbuds in and is engrossed in her phone when the boy is trying to do something to entertain himself. (His back was to me so I couldn’t see him or what he was trying to do) and the girl says “Here watch me” so I did what any normal person would do and I watched her. As she was trying to attempt the “toss the chip in the salsa” game that her brother couldn’t accomplish, her elbow knocked over a glass of ice water onto the table. The water and ice had only one place to go….her momma’s lap. The girl instantly apologized and started grabbing napkins. It was a total accident. The dad and brother just sat there. The mom jumped up and started pushing the ice onto the ground (we were outside, totally ok) and started scolding the girl…the girl was still apologizing when the mom picked up what was left of the ice water and…wait for it…DUMPED IT ON HER DAUGHTER’S LAP. Y’all….THE MOTHER DUMPED A GLASS OF ICE WATER ON HER DAUGHTER’S LAP AS PAYBACK FOR AN ACCIDENT. The girl sat there in total shock for a few seconds before putting her earbuds back in and going back to her own business. She moved on quickly. The mom on the other hand couldn’t let it go and literally until they left gave the daughter absolute hell. The girl kept saying things like “mom, please.” and “I said I was sorry.” The dad and brother just sat there in silence.

Seriously….y’all my face gives me away so I know my face was saying “What the F is wrong with you?!?!?” I mean I get it, nobody wants ice water spilt on their lap but seriously it was an accident. Total accident. The girl apologized and tried to clean it up. There wasn’t much else she could do. Scold her if you need but POURING ICE WATER IN HER LAP as payback is absolutely RIDICULOUS. Listen, I get it, moms have reactions they are not proud of….some of us spank, some of us yell, some of throw things….we are humans with emotions that sometimes get a little out of control and I hope that this lady was just having an “off” moment. I hope she was having a terrible day and things just got out of hand. I hope guilt crept in a little later and she apologized to her daughter. I hope I just happened to witness her least proudest Hot Mess Momma moment. I seriously hope this is not the norm around her house.

So there it is, I have publicly judged a fellow Hot Mess Momma for her lack of skills at handling a Hot Mess Momma Moment. I hope this little story made you feel better about your latest handling of a Hot Mess Momma Moment!


One thought on “You A Hot Mess

  1. I used to think I was a pretty bad momma. But then I found out that there is always someone much worse. Doing the best I can at the time.


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