For The Kiddos

We just got a letter! We just got a letter! We just got a letter! I wonder who its from! Sorry, I got that annoying song stuck in your head for the rest of the day!

Everyone LOVES getting mail…not bills…but letters, monthly subscriptions, online orders…whatever is coming, as long as it isn’t a bill, it is fun to get! For Christmas I joined Jimmy in a Bacon Of The Month club so he could get some monthly mail. I used

Everyone loves Happy Mail!

to have a monthly Ipsy subscription (until I started selling SeneGence and realized I didn’t want to use any other brand but ours). For our cotton anniversary, I got Jimmy signed up to a sock of the month club. As you can see, I love getting mail and monthly subscriptions. So when I heard about PipSticks I was super excited.

Pipsticks is a monthly subscription for STICKERS. Best part, they have adult and kid versions. For $10 a month, you get sheets of stickers delivered right to your door. The adult stickers are perfect for monthly calendars, bullet journals, and decorating devotionals. The kids packs are great for adding to a sticker book, decorating letters to mail out to family, and arts and crafts time.

Look how fun it looks! 


I signed Quin up and 2 months into it, he is LOVING it. A fun envelop arrives each month full of stickers of all different categories. There is also a few sheets of card stock you can decorate, a fun postcard to color, and a special ticket. The ticket you have to hang on to until next month when they put the winning ticket number in the monthly newsletter. If you have the winning ticket, you get a prize! PipSticks is a fun way to ensure your kiddo gets some fun happy mail each month.

Ready to sign up? Here is my referral link. This link gets you $5 off! Once you sign up, refer 3 of your friends and you’ll get your next month of stickers FREE!



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