Dear Momma,

Dear Momma,

I know you have heard the saying “The days are long but the years are short.” I know you live that saying day in and day out. I know that you check the clock throughout the day to see how many more hours there are until bed time. I know you are also looking at the clock trying to decide if this is an acceptable hour of the day to still be drinking coffee or if its time to open a bottle of wine. I know you are looking around your house right now wondering what that smell is while trying to strategize how you’ll tackle that ever growing mound of laundry.  I know you haven’t vacuumed this week and you don’t know what that sticky sh*t on the floor is. I know you forgot today was school picture day and sent  kiddo #1 to school in an old t-shirt. I know that you just handed kiddo #2 an iPad so you could sit on the couch and scroll through FaceBook for a few minutes. I know the family dog is barking like crazy at the mailman right now. I know that the barking reminded you said dog is out of food and is long over due for a bath. I know that you are going to microwave a slice of last night’s pizza for lunch & that when you open the microwave you will find your morning cup of coffee that you forgot about. I know you got dressed today.  I also know that by “got dressed” you mean you put on a pair of leggings and t-shirt. I know you had to smell said t-shirt to decide if it was clean or dirty. I know you rock that “messy bun” look like a champion. I know your love for dry shampoo runs deep. I know your SUV is covered in gold fish crumbs, broken crayons, and empty drink boxes. I know you tried to get everyone out of the house on time but you’ll still be 7  minutes late to the carpool line. I know you’re going to be embarrassed when kiddo #1 hands you a note reminding you he is out of lunch money for the second day in a row. I know you forgot it was your turn to bring snacks to today’s soccer practice. I know you wanted to make cute little Pinterest snacks but grabbing a box of Little Debbies was all you had time for. I know that when it is time to leave soccer practice you’ll be begging and pleading with kiddo #1 to get off the playground and into the van all while holding kiddo #2 who is having the worst meltdown ever. I know you’ll be embarrassed when the other soccer moms overhear you yelling at the kids because they didn’t listen to you. I know that you wanted to make a healthy homemade meal for your family’s dinner tonight but McDonalds is much easier. I know that you will be fat shaming yourself as you eat your kiddo’s leftover chicken nuggets. I know that after you do homework, baths, and bedtime you will be exhausted and want to relax on the couch while watching last week’s episode of The Bachelor. I know that once the show is over you will look around your house and see the mess and feel guilty for wasting an hour watching TV. I know you wanted to put on those sexy little PJs for your hubby but his oversized t-shirt won again tonight. I know you are going to crawl into bed, only to find kiddo #2 has peed in your spot. I know you’ll throw a towel over said pee and lay down. I know that as soon as your head hits the pillow you are going to remember you forgot to put lunch money in kiddo #1’s backpack. I know you are going to think about how terrible you feel for yelling at the kids earlier at soccer practice. I know you are going to remember that load of laundry you left in the washer. I know you are going to say f*ck it and go to sleep anyways.

Momma, I know you are tired. I know you have bags under your eyes and gray hairs. I know that you feel defeated some days. I know that you think you could be a better mom. I know that you want more hours in the day, a helping hand, a clean house, a maid, a chef, a pedicure, or h*ll a hot shower would be good enough at this point. I know the days are long. I also know the years are short. I know that you are a great mom. I know you gave the day everything you had. I know your kids are happy and they love you so very much. I know that despite the lack of thanks you get, they are so very thankful for all you do.

My fellow Hot Mess Momma, I know you are not alone! As I like to say, “We are all Hot Mess Mommas. Some just hide it better than others!


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